McCarverisms, Morgan's Mumblings, Buck's Blurbs, and Miller's Poor Imitation of Norm Crosby          

I am a diehard New York Yankees fan. Unfortunately, I do not live in New York, so I do not get to hear the local sportscasters for the NY Yankees games. For me, the greatest sportscaster of all time, was Harry Kalas, the announcer for the Philadelphia Phillies. He was the best. He announced the plays, he explaine the calls, and he praised the ballplayers. That's it; no opinions, no negative comments about the Phillies or their opponents. I really wish the Fox Network or ESPN would at least have hired Harry for the playoffs and World Series' games.

Instead, I am stuck with Tim McCarver, Joe Morgan, or Jon Miller announcing for the New York Yankees. Joe Buck is even starting to irritate me. I'll tell you why I say 'stuck with'. One day, I was so fed up with the stupid remarks and negative comments Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver made about all of the players, I decided to start writing them down. To my amazement, I have compiled quite a list.

I suspect maybe McCarver wanted to catch for the NY Yankees at some point but didn't get the chance. Anyway, I've always called him a "Bob Boone Wannabe".

One night, I ran out of paper and had to start writing on a paper plate that I used for cookies so that I would not miss a word. Many times, right after one of them would say something like, "He's been struggling", the Yankee they would say it about would hit a homerun. I love it! Guess the Curse works in mysterious ways, even through the sports media.

I started to make fences to count the number of times the announcers made the same stupid comment about the same play or about the same player. One night I had enough fences to surround a single home. :)

Most of what I have listed here are not written in complete sentences because they say so many stupid things, I am not able to catch the entire sentence and write it down fast enough. Plus, some of the following comments are actual "quotes", written down exactly the way it was said. Other comments I could only catch half of what was said.

If you are a NY Yankees fan living in another city besides the Bronx, I'd like to know what your local announcers say about them. If you would like, I could put those on my website as well.

I listed the comments uttered by the announcers, the games, and the players the announcers made the comments about. Unless otherwise indicated, the comments were made by either Tim McCarver or Joe Morgan.

The stuff written in parenthesis under the comments are my responses to the comments which I wrote down at the time. Things that weren't written down at the time, I'll put at the end of all the comments.

Subway Series 2000 -- Yankees-Mets
Games 1 and 2

About Paul O'Neill: “Cortisone* in hip has slowed him at the plate and in the field”*

About Paul O' Neill and Chuck Knoblauch: “The struggles O'Neill has been through; Knoblauch is on that list Joe (Torre) is loyal; he still puts them in the lineup”

About Paul O' Neill: “He's getting old”

About Brosius: “Brosius also struggled since September 11th”

About Roger Clemens: “20K – that's behind him”

About Knoblauch: “Yankees did not suffer defensively while Knoblauch was out”

About Tino Martinez: “…having a down-season”

About the Yankees: “If the Yankees get in a full season, they'll be a different ball club” “Hard to maintain intensity” (?????)

About Brosius: “…tried to catch the ball on an in-between hop – having off-season”

About Mussina: “been out-pitched”

Subway Series 2000 -- Yankees-Mets
Game 3

About Knoblauch: “Too much to do” (????)

About Roger Clemens: “not comfortable with glove” (6th inning)

About Jorge Posada: “Uncomfortable at the plate”

About Shane Spencer: “Saved only temporarily”

About the Yankees: “Weakened Yankees defense”

About Roger Clemens: “ Roger will try to get through the 7th inning”

About David Justice: “looks lost at the plate – doing too much with the lower part of his body” (????)

World Series 2001 -- Yankees-Diamondbacks
Game 3

"Yankees fans are vulgar"
(I love this one)

About Roger Clemens: “wild”

About D'backs pitcher: “cool, calm, and collected”

Joe Buck about Roger Clemens: “Doesn't look too comfortable out there yet (during 2nd inning)

McCarver: “Yankees fans not as bad as usual”

About Mike Stanton: “Very short fingers”

About Scott Brosius; “Small hands”

About Jorge Posada: “Slow runner at 1st base”

World Series 2001 -- Yankees-Diamondbacks
Game 4

About El Duque: “struggling early” “be tough to turn 2” (Immediately after McCarver said it, El Duque turned 2)

About David Justice: “Doesn't look good at the plate”

About Paul O'Neill: O'Neill shouldn't run, Clay Bellinger a much faster runner”

About El Duque: “Inconsistent” “Erratic” “no confidence”

About Yankees: (On 3 pop-ups by D'backs) “Swirling wind caused misplays”

World Series 2001 -- Yankees-Diamondbacks
Miscellaneous Games

About Yankees: “Hero waiting to be found somewhere on that field”

About Mussina: “Not particularly adept at keeping balls around the knees”

About Mussina: “Patternless Mussina took Yankees crowd out of the game”

About Spencer: “Not as fast as some Yankees”

About Yankees: “Yankee hitters can't catch up to that Schilling fastball” “Horrible Yankees Ups”

About Yankees: (2 Yankees on, no outs) “wind factor”

About Jorge Posada: “Not a good base runner”

When Tino Martinez gets a base hit in Game 6: “I'll be darned”

About Andy Pettite: “Very poor throw, Posada's foot almost came off the bag. Yankees should be out of the inning.”

About Jorge Posada: “How can anybody with a foot that big miss the plate?”

About Derek Jeter: “Tired, banged-up body”

World Series 2001 -- Yankees-Diamondbacks
Game 7

About Tino Martinez: “over-pursued”

About Roger Clemens: “appears to be very healthy” “lower body problems” “barrel of a man”

About Derek Jeter: “might have been interfence”

About Roger Clemens: “poor fielding”

About Paul O'Neill: “bad swing”

About Alfonso Soriano: “won't charge ball”

About Yankees: “Inability to score cheap runs against D'Backs (insinuating the only runs Yankees get are 'cheap' ones) ????

About David Justice: “Frustrating World Series”

Miscellanous 2001

Jeter hit by pitch (My Personal Favorite): “Jeter slow getting out of the way of that fastball:

About Chuck Knoblauch: “Inexperienced, not quite sure of what's going on”

About Hitchcock: “Too readable” (????)

Memorial Day 2002

About Jason Giambi: “not that fast”

About Bernie Williams: “slow start this season”

6/29/02 NYY vs. NY Mets

Enrique Wilson: “showing his inexperience. About right fielder might have caught that” “slow-footed”

Yankees: “Very different group than we're used to talking about in October” “Have problems in right field”

When Soriano stole 2nd base: “Mets Catcher's mask screwed up his vision”

Game 1 ALDS 10/01/02

(Here I started keeping track of how MANY times something was said during ONE game)

4 times, McCarver said: “40-year-old Clemens”

Jeter: “Down season for Jeter, regular season (Jeter then hits a solo HR in the 1st inning. Ya gotta love it! )

Bernie Williams: “Arm is poor”

Clemens: “Close to a balk, got his feet tangled up” “Looks awfully frustrated” (Obviously the announcers have a foot and hand fettish)

Clemens: “Surprised to see Roger come out in the 6th inning”

Game 2 ALDS 10/2/02

Yankees Fans: 4 times it is mentioned about how quiet they are because the Yankees are down.

Pettite: “Little too juiced-up”

Soriano: “TRYING to hit a HR”

Jeter: “Gil was forced to catch the ball a certain way so Jeter was safe” (????)

(1st time) Angels' Pitcher: “Not able to see catcher's signals (????)
(2nd time) Angels' Pitcher throwing balls because he is having a tough time seeing signals.(????)
(3rd time) Pitcher-Catcher signs again! “Chance for Yankees to score a cheap run”.
(4th time) Again with the signs!
(5th time) You guessed it, they mentioned the signs again!
(Does he think the catcher is telling him to throw balls instead of strikes? What kind of stupid remark is that? I call it a McCarverism) And just what is a 'cheap run' anyway?

Bernie Williams: “Took Bernie a long time to get rid of the ball” “Easily run off Williams, cortisone* injection has not helped throwing” (????)*

Pettite: “Deters runners from taking middle infielders to get double plays”

Robin Ventura: “Not a fast runner”

Nick Johnson: “started out very slowly” “NEVER been a fast runner”

“Yankees take advantage of a little opening” “Gives them an opportunity” (Apparently, McCarver thinks the Yankees have made it to the World Series all these times by taking advantage of the opposing teams' mistakes and by getting cheap runs.)

Williams: “Hitless”

Mariano Rivera: “Takes him longer to get loose”

Williams: Angels taking advantage of Bernie's poor throwing arm by aggressively running bases.

Game 3 ALDS 10/2/02

Giambi: “Weakness throwing” “Ball almost got away from Giambi”
(Since when are plays that ALMOST got away talked about in baseball. They don't count!)

Season 2003 date and team unknown

Soriano's a free-swinger

Matsui added speed to the team in the outfield.

Matsui doesn't have as awesome an arm as Ichiro (Is he stereotyping Japanese baseball players?)

With the #8 – Yogi's retired makes less sense (Obviously the dislike Morgan has for the Yankees is not limited to current players. But as Yogi said on Yogi Berra Appreciation Day in St. Louis in 1947, "I want to thank you for making this day necessary." )

No stability in Yankee Bullpen

Not living up to Yankees expectations

Yankees vs. Phillies 3/29/03 Exhibition Game

Weaver: not pitching well, will probably start season in bullpen

Jeter: tendency to lean in, gets hit by pitch

Watch Mondesi take too many 1st pitches

Matsui: Struggles with fastball

Good pitching doing them in (Posada hits a HR immediately after that is said)

Giambi: Having trouble getting to the fastball

Regular game 2003

Clemens: 41 in (however-many) months 1x

Clemens: Is this a concern? Roger gets too pumped up

40 year old Roger Clemens 2x

Posada had problems behind home plate

Chance to strike out the side with Mondesi coming up (????)

Yankees still don't have a hit (He fails to see that it is a scoreless game. The other team doesn't have a hit either, but he doesn't mention it)

Mondesi: After all, he's a little older (This year he's obsessed with age)

Tough time putting bat on ball with Pitcher Wood (right after, Matsui hits a HR)
“That happened only because Matsui wasn't called out on a called strike (????)

“Rather young umpiring crew,

Roger has a poor throwing arm to 1st

Jeter: not catching balls like he did before the separated shoulder

6/22/03 Yankees vs. Mets

Wind held up HR-Yankees caught it

Posada struggling lately

About Pick-Offs; Wells has a bad move – only catches them when they're sleeping (????)

Jeter – an easy play

Matsui – not doing as well here because “bigger ballparks and quicker pitching”

Soriano: Just learning to play 2nd base (????)

Matsui: Wind responsible for HR (obsession with wind and weather factors in ballgames now)

Wrong pitch due to wind (for Mets)

6/28/03 Yankees and Mets

Because Giambi's a slow runner, two Mets who bobbled ball still had a chance to get him (but didn't)

Interesting for Clemens, gets called strikes for fastballs

Clemens 41 in August (1st time)

Posada struggling a bit

Surprised Torre didn't start Posada tonight instead of today (what does he know?)

Not much of a swing for Garcia

Zeile never really fulfilled all the promises (????)

Jeter: A lotta people talking about that left shoulder (????) (He's the only one I've heard mention it)

Joe Buck says: Seemed to cut down his average

McCarver says: I think it's been a problem with Jeter. No doubt it still bothers him. (Jeter then gets a base hit)

**I'm not sure if McCarver tried to insinuate that Bernie and O'Neill are taking steroids when he mentioned the cortisone. These two guys are HALF the size of Sosa, Bonds, and McGuire, aren't they? Hmm...

Here are a few oldies but goodies, miscellaneous with not dates:

Four times during one game, Tim McCarver mentioned that Roger Clemens was 40 years old. Did he think we weren't paying attention the other 3 times, or was he trying to insinuate that the Rocket was getting too old to play? Going by his record so far, I don't think it matters if Clemens is 90.

Here are a few other comments Tim made about Roger Clemens ALL in the first inning of Game One of the ALDS 2002:
"Clemens looks awfully frustrated."
"Clemens is in the wrong spot."
"Clemens - close to a balk, got his feet tangled up."

The following is one of my all-time favorites,

Jeter gets hit by a pitch, and McCarver says: "Jeter was slow getting out of the way of the fastball."

(Once during a Little League game, my son got hit in the leg by a pitch. As he walked to first base, I said to him, "Little slow getting out of the way of that fastball, weren't you?" He laughed, and then other parents started staring at me.


I should mention that for the 2004 season, we bought the MLB.TV games because we don't get all of the games in my area. But it is postseason time, and that means ESPN and Fox are airing the games, so now I have Morgan and Miller on ESPN, and McCarver and Buck on Fox. Here's what I have so far.

ALDS 2004 Twins-Yanees - October 5, 2004

Game 1 - Tim McCarver and Joe Buck

McG: "Olerud's foot left the bag momentarily.' (NOT! -Actually in the replay, it clearly showed the top of Olerud's spikes leaning against the bag...Hey, Tim, get a stronger prescription with your glasses next time!)

McCarver mentions Sheffield using cortison cream on his arm TWICE!

Suddenly, my husband gets in on the action and starts to imitate McCarver. He says this while Bernie is at the plate:

"Bernie's legally blind and they still put him out there."
(He was being sarcastic and making fun of what McCarver says about Bernie Williams.
Bernie and Jeter are my favorite Yankees and always will be. I don't understand why the announcers insinuate that Bernie is old.)

Buck: "Yankees run themselves out in the first."
(At this point, it's a scoreless game, so shouldn't have Buck said after the Twins' three outs that they also 'ran' themselves out?)

McCarver: "Sierra nothing but a headache."
Assuming he is referring to a 'headache' for Joe Torre)

McCarver: "Posada not a good base runner". (He says this at LEAST once per Yankees game)

Buck: "Yankees cannot cross homeplate to make it count." (??!!)

McCarver: "Yankers Stadium" (being picky now, but I can't help myself)

McCarver: About A-Rod: "Another wild throw."

This one shows the inconsistencies of McCarver's play-by-play:

Up until the 8th inning, McCarver made comments about the Twins' pitcher, Santana: "not as sharp", "not the Santana we know". Then, suddenly in the 8th inning, he says about Santana: "He is Terrific!!"

McCarver: "Yankees got a call and a break, in my opinion". (Did anyone ASK for his opinion?)

McCarver: "Jeter has not been able to catch up to the fastball".

The Twins pulled off I think, 4 double-plays, and McCarver mentioned them 4 times during the course of the game as if double-plays are rare. Maybe 4 of them are, but you can never tell with McCarver whether he's making legitimate statements or not. Or at least I can't.

ALDS 2004 Twins-Yanees - October 6, 2004

Game 2 - Joe Morgan and Jon Miller

I have to say that Joe Morgan is better this season on ESPN, not hanging around McCarver. But not much better!

Morgan: (pitching) "Yankees do not know what they have". (This said before the game starts, so you know you're in trouble already)

Three times, but worded differently, about the Yankees: "You're gonna have to show that you're a good hitter without hitting it out of the ballpark".

Miller: "Lieber is have a tough time throwing a strike".

Morgan: Refering to a play by Lieber in reference to not being able to pick-off a runner: "Lieber should have stepped off", "doesn't know how to step off', "If he would have used the step-off'. (must have picked that phrase up somewhere and wanted to overuse, I mean, use it.)

Morgan mentions Mariano's blown save twice in one inning. I guess it's still ruled blown even if the Yankees win because Mariano was taken out when he gave up a run to put the Twins ahead. Guess to find out I need to brush up on the statistics' rule in baseball. Regardless, he's an idiot for saying it twice. Why is it necessary?

I'm reaching here a little, but Jon Miller mispronounces names. For example:
Hordee Posada
Goose-mon (of the Twins)
Ru-BEN Sierra

And Morgan says: "Alex RodriGUESS

For all of these cases, when the Yankees are losing, the announcers ramble on and on. When the Yankees are winning, they are a lot quieter. They can't bring themselves to give the Yankees the pat on the back they deserve.

I haven't been doing this for a while because the Yankees weren't doing so well in the playoff seasons. I've started it up again with this season.

ALDS 2009 Yanees- LAA - October 16, 2009

Because they mentioned it so many times throughout the entire game, I made fences and tallied it for every time they talked about how the weather affected the LAA players.

They mentioned the cold weather 7 times, and they talked about the wind 3 times. They also said how the LAA pitcher was settling in a total of 4 times.

They were also obsessed with the new stadium, how much it cost, and they discussed salaries quite a bit

Tim: real mistake for Sabathia with THAT pitch. Joe: side-step pitch

Joe: (explaining the fantastic year Jeter has had) Jeter took advantage of BALL JUMPING (?) to right in new stadium (he said this TWICE!)

Joe said it was a full count, when it was only 3-1 (they are so busy running their mouths, they have no idea what's going on at the plate)

Joe: Texeira hit a 'little fly ball' ????

Tim about Arod: not hitting other way; other post season series terrible for Arod (then Arod knocked in a run) I love when that happens!

Both of them used excuses for two of LAA"s outfielders who allowed a ball to drop between the two of them: earmuffs prevented them from hearing the other call that they 'got it'. WHAT??

Joe: ball in front of Swisher who couldn't see it all the way

Damon's RBI because of an error (yeah right)

This was another blurb about the weather no included in the tally: 'ball is slick because of cold' (but only because Yankees are winning)

Sabathia can't get grip on breaking ball (He was in for 8 innings so I don't think that was a problem)

mentioned how much Sabathia weighs (thought I was going to need tallies, but they only mentioned it once to my surprise)

They get quiet when the Yankees take the lead, so they didn't really say too much more the rest of the night.

This is going to be a long playoff series because of these two!

Who knows, if I keep writing them down, I may have enough to fill a book.
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