It is Time to Take America Back!

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We Need the Patriotic Act* to Protect Us From the Kooks Marching in Our Streets and the ones running the Presidency!

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There are Americans, such as myself, that you will never hear about in the mass media. You will not read about us in any major newspaper in the United States either. These Americans are sick and tired of having this country's values and morals, and everything America was built upon, torn down by antiwar and anti-American groups. It is time to fight back against those who are destroying the United States of America! Click on the banner below to see how America is in danger from radical wacko extremist groups, living among us.

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This page was put up in 2007. It made me angry to see my fellow citizens, and some people who are not even Americans, try to tear this country down. It saddens me to learn that the man people voted for as their new president, is one of the very people who is trying to 'transform' America. He has close associates, friends, and advisors, with ties to Communism, Socialism and 9/11 Truthers. These unhinged radical liberal leftards are saying they believe that our own country murdered thousands of Americans on that dark day back on September 11, 2001.

I will not participate in any 'day of service' on that day, to feed the agenda of those who choose to try and change the fabric of our nation. I will make September 11th, now and forever, a day of mourning and a day of rememberance for all of those who died on that day. This page is dedicated to those people, and to everyone who risked their own lives that day to help their fellow Americans. It is also a tribute to our veterans and our US troops currently in Afghanistand and Iran, to whom I am eternally grateful for fighting for my freedom.

Wake Up America! Look at Who Is Running Our Country Now!

This should have been the leftards first clue that just MAYBE this guy was not the right man for the job of defending the country, when he won't even say the Pledge of Allegiance! Is everyone that stupid?? Come on!

nancy pelosi   harry reid

* van jones green jobs czar  obama's buddy reverend wright   commie wm ayers   science czarj ohn holdren

The photos are tagged. All you have to do is Google their names to see how these people are bent on destroying America!
one down, six more to go!*

Next up: John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet.
Read more at zombietime

This organization is the most dangerous group of people to the safety and well-being of American citizens. They claim to be a group that is 'antiwar'. They are anti, but it is not all about the war in Iraq! Read their mission statement:

The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition formed on September 14, 2001. It is a coalition of hundreds of organizations and prominent individuals and scores of organizing centers in cities and towns across the country. Its national steering committee represents major national organizations that have campaigned against U.S. intervention in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia, and organizations that have campaigned for civil rights and for social and economic justice for working and poor people inside the United States.

As you can see, most of these issues have NOTHINNG to do with America, nothing that will benefit our country. It is a front for these radical groups to attempt to overthrow the US Government.

Take a look a some of the groups that front A.N.S.W.E.R. 's protests:

take a look at who's on the cover

The name of this organization alone should be enough to frighten any law-abiding legal citizen of the United States. But just in case that doesn't do it for you, here are a few things they are saying:
  1. Defending Cuba’s socialist revolution
  2. "We are following in the path of Comandante Guevara," proclaims President Evo Morales in La Higuera (google Che Guevara if you don't know about this terrorist]
  3. Cut off U.S. aid to Israel!
  4. Amnesty-Full Rights for All Immigrants
  5. March for Palestine

These issues are only the tip of the iceberg for these nutjobs!

This is part of their mission statement: "In addition to the Palestinian people, the FPA recognizes that the struggle for Palestine is a joint responsibility of the Arab people as a whole, and an integral part of the peace, justice, solidarity and liberation movements worldwide. In that context, the FPA recognizes the unique symbiotic relationship of the reciprocal political-economic-military interests between Western colonialism in general, the US Empire, the Zionist movement and its material manifestation - the racist Apartheid State of Israel. The FPA fully recognizes the emerging Arab-American character of our community in the United States, and seeks to establish programs and projects to empower, safeguard, and develop our cultural, linguistic and political identity."

This is who they claim to be:

CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end the war in Iraq, stop new wars, and redirect our resources into healthcare, education and other life-affirming activities.

This is what they REALLY are:

These pink 'ladies', that consist of men also, stand outside of VA hospitals yelling profanity at wounded war veterans. Here are photos of a few of the main characters. See Jihad Jane in the middle photo and Susan Sarandon on the right? Cute, ain't they? Notice the 5 o'clock shadow on the 'lady' on the left in the first photo. That's my favorite!


Then there are those who protest the war carrying 'rainbow' flags. I don't know about you, but I would rather not know who or 'what' these people are having sex with. And what does that all have to do with protesting the war, anyway? It's a WHOLE different ballgame now, I guess! And tell me with a straight face that you do not think Susan Sarandon looks like the biggest smacked ass that ever lived!

Then there are these fine upstanding human beings who march with the A.N.S.W.E.R. FREAKS!

Free Mumia

In the event that you do not know who Mumia is that these people want freed, let me tell you a little bit about him. Mumia Abdul Jamal shot a police officer in the back 4 times, has been convicted, appealed, turned down, etc., but this group which includes Edward Asner, Whoopi Goldberg (yeah tell me you didn't see that one comin') Mike Farrell and Danny Glover, want him to go free. How about that? Danny Glover can't even get decent dental coverage. In his last movie he talked like this: "The sthuspects and weaponsch have ben confishcated! Asshole! When's the last time he did a movie that was worth seeing, since Mel Gibson decided not to do anymore Lethal Weapon movies!

As you can see, these so-called anti-war protesters, claiming to be Americans who want 'peace', are the biggest threat to Homeland Security. Not only that, but there is something else you should know about these 'peace' demonstrators. Anti-American, Anti-War, Radical and Extremist Groups, and Traitors to Our Country Have Defaced War Memorials and Dishonored Gravesites of Our Troops All Over the US! What Kinds of People Would Perform These Traitorous Acts of Vandalism, You Ask?

How About These Guys?

JIhad Jane!

Hey, Jane, where's your black sheet?

Hanoi Jane!

{Okay, JIhad Jane and Hanoi Jane are the same person.}
Can't fool you, can I? However, now she's got a whole new set of friends.

Madonna's Ex-Husband!
And from what I've read, soon-to-be Robin Wright's Ex-Husband! Maybe he liked his costar in Milk a little too much, eh, Sean?

This guy punched one too many paparazzi's and now he craves the attention!

Abbie Hoffman!

Okay, this one's dead from a drug and alcohol overdose, but his followers are alive and well.
Same Sh** , Different Day!
(dead from drugs? Yeah like we didn't see that coming!)

The United States of America


Don't Deface, Disrespect or Defame Our Country and its Memorials in My Name!

The Following Handiwork Brought To You By Anti-American, Anti-War Traitors!

Here is a sample of the handiwork done by those who claim they would never deface war memorials.
These photos and the articles say it all. Follow the links and see for yourself. No words necessary, except to say,

"Do this in countries where the terrorists you defend live, and see how long you get to keep your head attached to your body."

July 31, 2006 - Corpus Christi, Texas

"Veterans Memorial Repair Still Not Complete"

9/11 Memorial Permanently Damaged by Vandals
"Glass Jars Filled With Printer Ink Were Thrown Against the Stone Monument Which
Subsequently Soaked Several Inches Into the Stone, Permanently Defacing it."

Pieces of 9/11 Memorial Stolen Multiple Times

Indianapolis Medal of Honor Memorial Vandalized

Irving, TX War Memorial Vandalized

Here are a few more acts of vandalism against war memorials around the country. ANSWER
Coalition supporters have been leaving comments everywhere saying: "We would never deface memorials!" Yeah, right!

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 28, 1996

Vandals Hit City Vietnam Memorial-The Monument Has Been Defaced Several Times.
"I'm Sickened, I Was Kind of Exasperated to Think That Someone Would Do Something Like This", One Veteran Said.

The Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial was defaced yesterday. Again. Vandals darkened part of the monument's granite walls, marking at least the fourth time the memorial has been soiled since its opening in October 1987. The vandals struck early on the day most sacred to veterans, who did not discover the damage until yesterday morning - during preparations for a Memorial Day ceremony.

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 4, 1988

The Vietnam Memorial Is Defaced

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has been defaced with several scratches including one resembling a swastika, according to National Park Service officials. This is the first time the memorial has been damaged since it opened in 1982, they said. The 493-foot-long black granite wall, inscribed with the names of more than 58,000 service personnel who were killed in the Southeast Asian conflict, has become the most visited monument in the capital.

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'!

Afghan War Memorial Defaced with Anti War Slogans

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Vandalized

"Canada Day" Rally Vandals Urinate on Veterans Memorial While Crowd Cheers

Peace protesters throw objects at recruitment office windows, Jan 27, 2007 in Washington DC

Another Video of the 'peace' Protesters

Anti War Protestors Spray Paint Capitol Steps as Police Ordered to Stand Down!
(lead by the same organizations hosting the 3/17 rally)

January 25, 1995 New York Times, "Veterans' Memorial on L.I. Vandalized."

December 1, 2006, "Veterans Cemetery in Fernley, NV Vandalized."

March 31, 2003, California "American Legion in Raising Funds To Replace Vandalized Memorial "

April 4, 2004, San Marcos, Texas "Vandals Deface Veterans Memorial"

It's Time To Stand Up and Let the World Know that These Clowns Do Not Speak For Us!

They Never Have, and They Never Will!

It is Time to Let Obama and his Commie Pinko Friends Know That

We Will Not Stand Idly By and Watch Him Destroy America!

If Vandalism Is Not Enough To Convince You, Read On!

Are They Anti-American or Did They Just Stop Taking Their Medication?

I keep reading how defenders of cop-killers and other radical wackos trying to take over our government disguised as protesters, have no plans to deface the memorials in Washington DC during their march, which by the way is endorsed by numerous traitorous groups who've always hated America, but

Then I read about this guy who's nuttier than Norman Bates::

Thug Threatening Veteran With Violence at theWall

I'm convinced that Answer Coalition is not only a pack of extremely frightening sickies, they're also:


Look Out!! These people are ticking timebombs about to blow!

Still Not Convinced The Vietnam
Veterans Memorial in Danger?

I found the following statement: "Irgendwann fällt jede Mauer", which translates into "Each Wall Falls Sometime", on a blog belonging to a another Answer Coalition supporter, who says he is bringing a hammer and wearing steel-toed Doc Martens to the wall during the protest. Visit this clown's blog:

"Each Wall Falls Sometime"

This Might Even Have Frightened Abbie Hoffman...
Or...maybe, not so much!

Another associate with the Answer Coalition, the group running the march on the Pentagon, has a site where protesters can gather. His comments could even be too disturbing for traitors like Sean Penn, Jihad Jane, and Charlie Sheen. I'm just sayin'...

What this psycho is saying on the internet borders on...well, I won't say it, but I think you will understand once you've seen the page. Pretty scary stuff...I'm glad there will be Marines standing with me at the Wall on March 17th when this guy rolls into town. How about you? Please go to this:

Thug's MySpace Page

While you're on the page, scroll to the very bottom and click on Report Abuse. Then report it to the FBI.

Comparing Protesters to
Amahdinejad/Osama bin Laden/Chavez/

On the 'coalition's 'reasons for marching page, I read this statement:

"We are returning to the Pentagon to challenge the system that is addicted to war and global domination. The Iraq war is a criminal endeavor based on lies."

Amahdinejad in September 2005, regarding the US, faulted unspecified

"pre-emptive measures which are essentially based on gauging intentions rather than objective facts and are in fact a modern manifestation of interventionist and warmongering tendencies of the past."

Another reason the protesters are marching to the Pentagon:

"The slogan of national security and the war on terror stands exposed as a pretext for a global empire enforced by military might and limitless violence."

Bin Laden, in June of 1998, said it a little differently:

"We believe that the biggest thieves in the world are Americans and the biggest terrorists on earth are the Americans."

Does the ANSWER Coalition get Bin Laden/Amahdinejad to write their speeches for them? Or are Bin Laden/Amahdinejad getting the ANSWER Coalition to do their dirty work for them, in an effort to wipe us off the face of the earth?

Yeah, the protesters are probably right. We should leave Iraq. Women probably want the rape camps back, and they probably want to be led by a psycho who uses nerve gas (that's a WMD, in case you didnt' know) to wipe out an entire race of people. And I'm certain that the people of Iraq don't really want to vote and they were heartbroken to see Saddam Hussein hang.

Hmm...guess America got it wrong again, huh? I'm not making this stuff up. No one could! It's all too real!

Letter to Anti-American Cult Following Moonbats*:

I'm assuming that most of you were conceived somewhere around the time of Woodstock, before they knew what drugs did to an unborn fetus, so I won't use any big words to confuse you.



Sorry...I digressed there for a minute...(Guess I'm still nauseous over the Academy Awards' shameless display of bleeding heart liberalism...) This is what I meant to say:

The Soldier

It is the soldier, not the reporter, (not William Arkin) who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet, (Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Ed Asner, fill in the blanks) who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, (Abbie Hoffman) who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
It is the soldier, not the lawyer, (The ACLU) who has given us the right to a fair trial.
It is the soldier, who salutes the flag, who serves under the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
who allows the protester to burn the flag. (i.e. the Dixie Chicks, Barbarella, and Bill Maher)

Written By Father Dennis Edward O'Brien, USMC -- [I added the parts in parentheses]

*A moonbat is defined as "a left-winger whose cerebral cortex has turned to putty causing him or her to mentally degenerate to the level of a winged rat radically influenced by the moon. Typically, moonbats suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome

Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) is a political epithet invented by former psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer to describe complaints raised against President George W. Bush and his administration, associates, affiliates and supporters. The term especially applies to Bush haters who oppose all Bush administration initiatives solely because Bush supports it. ---Courtesy of the U.S. Veteran Dispatch

Protesters Call Our Troops Criminals?

To me, it most definitely is not okay for those in-bred low-life commie-lovin' protesters to call any veteran a criminal. I, as a civilian, cannot begin to imagine what our troops went through or what they are going through now, fighting and protecting our freedom.

Even though I did not serve, my brother did and he went to Vietnam. I recall vividly his reaction to the protesters he saw on TV when he returned home. His anger showed on the outside, but I know that he kept the pain of what those people caused him, bottled up inside. He passed away a few years ago, but I will defend and protect his memory always.

The protesters' words and actions are deliberately and carefully calculated so as to invoke feelings of anger and hurt among our veterans, their family members, and those who support the troops. It isn't because they are smart or clever. It isn't even necessarily what they truly believe. I think they do these things and say what they do because they know it will draw attention from some. It's like they say when a child doesn't get enough attention, he'll act up just to get yelled at, because bad attention is better than no attention at all.

War Protesters make false claims that cannot be proven like the one about the majority of the people in America not supporting the war or our troops. That simply is NOT true. The main stream media gives them the attention they crave, and that's why it looks that way to us. I knew it as a teenage during the Vietnam War, and I know it now.

I was angered by some things I read on a blog yesterday and I commented on it which is something I try not to do. Because with these types of people, if you get caught in a back-and-forth with them, they will never let up. I went against my better judgment and commented anyway.

There may be a lot of stuff we see on the Internet now, a tool we didn't have during Vietnam, but for every site that tries to spread the filth the protesters are chanting, there is a site that supports our troops and is proud to still stand when the Star-Spangled Banner is played. There are more of us than there are of them, we're just harder to find.

The idea for a Gathering of Eagles is a great way to let the protesters and the media that supports them, know that there isn't only one side to how the American public views the war, our veterans, or anything else. This is only the beginning.

Once March 17th passes, I strongly believe that there will be other 'gatherings' like this one and maybe the media will finally stop aiming their cameras at the anti-American crowd and put it back where it belongs. Maybe those of us who support and appreciate our veterans will get the same attention the Anti-American crowd has been getting.

But what is more important is that on March 17, 2007, the veterans themselves will be able to see and know, that they are appreciated and supported by their fellow countrymen..

What Do You Think of Celebrity Anti-War Protesters?

If you find yourself in awe of the 'so-called' celebrity anti-war protesters because you believe that they are right because they are 'famous', think again. If only these 'celebrities' would use the time and energy they waste spouting their traitorous Anti-American garbage, for worthwhile causes, imagine how much better off things would be.

They could march for children's rights, so that people like Michael Devlin would never again be able to kidnap, molest, and torment another child.

They could march for the poor, or better yet, donate their money to the poor, so that this nation's children would have enough to eat.

They could march for so many causes, instead they choose to march for Marxists, Communists, and scum that murders police officers.

So, here's what I think of them: Like Billy Idol says in his song: "Eyes Without A Face", these traitors who protest the war and put our troops in harm's way, are

"Such a human waste!"

Hanoi Jane, or Jihad Jane, is at it again in this century. Except this time she's got a whole new pack of dogs sniffing around behind her. Loot at the moonbat, ahem, celebrities! Also, Jane's new komrades in Iran have a whole new set of toys to play with, and they want to use them against us. You go, Jane!


Just another example of 'human waste':

Above photo is one of many I found at a site whick no longer exists! Yah!

How about this human waste? Think your town is dealing with extreme sociopaths where you live, look what Philadelphia has to deal with. This is a march for a convicted cop-killer, who "shot a police officer in the back 4 times" said witnesses. This crowd marched along with Jihad Jane's group on March 17th as well. Frightening, isn't it?


To read what this fine example of a death row inmate has done, go to Justice for Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner

America Under Attack!! First by the Japanese, then by psychotic islamic militants who believe that their allah told them to do it, and now by communist wacko groups living among us here in America! Do you think it's time to fight back yet?

Gathering of Eagles A Whopping Success!!

Thousands Upon Thousands Showed Up To Oppose ANSWER Coalition
and Other Extremist Groups on March 17, 2007 in Washington DC

I, and other participants in the "Gathering of Eagles" will be posting our pictures and thoughts on the tremendous outcome of an event that came together in a matter of weeks. The Mainstream Media, including Fox, which claims to be "Fair and Balanced", have not covered this event from the 'Eagles' side. They have, however, covered the anti-American side. You would think we would be used to it by now. We want to make sure the public and more importantly, the US troops overseas, gets firsthand accounts of what took place. We're tired of being misrepresented in the 'majority' the news claims objects to the war in Iraq. We want Victory in Iraq, not defeat. We want our troops to be safe and well-equipped, not left to their own defenses because Pelosi wants to cut and run, and stop funding for the US troops.

God Bless America! God Bless Our Troops, and
God Bless the "Gathering of Eagles!".

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Mardh 17, 2007

I am not that great with a camera, but here are a few pictures I took on March 17, 2007, of a few of those who showed up for the "Gathering of Eagles". This particular set of pictures show 'Eagles' paying their respects at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. When I took these photos, In the background I could hear the loud-mouth rants of the anti-American traitors and war protesters, along with the groups of extremists there to protest many other causes unrelated to the war.

The sharp contrast of the solemn mood at the wall and the cammaraderie between all who came that day to support our troops, along with the frightening shouts of followers of Jane Fonda and Cindy Sheehan, was distrubing.

In Front of the Lincoln Memorial March 17, 2007 in Washington DC

I do not know whether these people are all 'Eagles' or 'Anti-Americans'. This portion of the Mall was supposed to be for the 'Eagles' but protesters kept coming through, carrying their signs, trying to engage the 'Eagles' in a confrontation. There were also groups who came to Washington DC on 'field trips' that were not aware of the protests or of the 'eagles' plans for that day. Amazing!

Three Servicemen Statue

I took a picture of the back of the Three Servicemen Statue which overlooks the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. This is the view from the long line I waited in to visit the Wall. The long lines were because of the addition of a metal detector visitors had to go through before getting in to see the Wall. The metal detector was installed on March 17, partly because of threats from protesters to damage the wall, and partly because acts of vandalism have been committed by anti-American protestors all over the United States. It was worth the wait to know the Wall was being protected by the park service people as well as the Vietnam Veterans and those who support them. I heard from people who stayed later in the day that a group of militant protesters numbering in the 100's attempted to storm the wall and were stopped by dozens of police cars and patrol wagons. I did not hear any of this on any news channel, but the whole group is rumored to have been hauled off to jail. Great job by the Washington DC Police Department!

Whether the media, the public, and the protesters want to openly admit to what actually happened on March 17, 2007 in our Nation's Capital, we who support our troops in harm's way, know that we accomplished something big. The anti-American groups never expected any opposition. They think anyone who does not think exactly the way they do, is trying to squelch their freedom of speech. They use that excuse because they do not want anything to take the attention away from their traitorous acts. They do it all ony to gain attention. On March 17, 2007, that attention was taken away from them, and they are not happy. Anarchists and sociopaths do not like it when you take away a piece of their 'delusions of grandeur'. So they are more dangerous now then ever. That is why March 17th was only the beginning for a 'Gathering of Eagles'. The 'Eagles are going to be around now to stop the anti-Americans from committing the destruction you see on this website.

If you weren't there on March 17th to see the so-called 'anti-war' crowd, you should know that there were dozens of communist groups there demanding the release of terrorists and cop-killers, in prison here in America. And I'm fairly certain the groups who were shouting in a language other an English, demanding amnesty for all illegal immigrants, were in this country illegally themselves. But don't take my word for it! Check out this website"

Wake Up America

Calling All Veterans and Those Who Support Them!



The Mainstream Media, including Fox, which claims to be "Fair and Balanced", have not covered this event from the 'Eagles' side. They have, however, covered the anti-American side. You would think we would be used to it by now.

I want to make sure the public and more importantly, the US troops overseas, get firsthand accounts of what took place. I'm tired of being misrepresented in the 'majority' the news claims objects to the war in Iraq. I want Victory in Iraq, not defeat.

I want our troops to be safe and well-equipped, not left to their own defenses because Pelosi wants to cut and run, and stop funding for the US troops.


On March 17, 2007 I went to Washington DC, with a "Gathering of Eagles" to protect our war memorials, and to oppose the A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition's 'march on the pentagon', what was dubbed as an "anti-war protest".

Since the mainstream media, and even the Fox News Channel, which claims to be Fair and Balanced, did not cover our pro-US troops' rally, I decided to give my account of the events that took place. Fox News was there, but all they covered were the 'protesters.' The pro-US troops crowd, the Gathering of Eagles outnumbered the protesters 3-1 according to the National Park Service. On the A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition's website, they claim that there were less marchers than advertised because park police kept them from joining the demonstration. That could not be further from the truth.

The National Park Service roped off, and designated areas for the Anti-American crowd and for the Eagles crowd. I was there for about five minutes, when a group of 'peaceful' marchers tried to break the barrier of Veterans and US supporters set up at the 'exit' of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Dozens of reports involving 'anti-war' types desecrating war memorials, made it necessary for the Vietnam Veterans to not let the 'angry mob' through. They weren't going to allow them to destroy their memorial.

What a bunch of goons they were! I haven't seen that many freaks since I went to the Big Top in the circus as a kid. It mostly consisted of young people, quite a few of them kids ranging in ages from 6-18, some in strollers. There was even one guy pushing a baby in a stroller, and when one of the protesters tried to come over to our side, a couple cops stood between the protester and the vets on our side. This guy placed the stroller between him and the vets. Can you believe it? We lined on the sidewalks as they marched by and shouted USA! USA! over and over again. Some shouted Traitor, Terrorist, and other words appropriate to the parade of loonies marching by. It reminded me of the Mummers' Parade without the great string band music. I liked the guys dressed in Pink and wearing the rainbow clothes. That was very colorful, I just don't know what that crowd had to do with being anti-war!?!

The Eagles waved American Flags, it was great and the 'marchers' hated it! There were a few scuffles, when some of the protesters crossed over into the areas that were designated for the veterans and troops' supporters. There was this guy, Squiggy they call him, who is at the Walter Reed Medical Center for our wounded veterans, shouting at our soldiers as they enter and leave the building, every weekend. They call themselves Code Pink. Squiggy had a big pink ribbon hanging off of his backpack. He deliberately went through a crowd of vets, carrying his signs. He was told that he must have gotten lost and was directed back to the 'flock' on the other side of the Lincoln Memorial.

I always knew that Jane Fonda was a thorn in the Vietnam Veterans' side, but seeing it up close and personal was very different. She wasn't there of course. There is a picture of her marching in a protest, probably somewhere in CA, or it could have been at the protest in Oregon where they burned the Us Flag and an effigy of an American Soldier, and waved a banner saying "F**k the Troops! Fonda is pictured with the Code Pink 'ladies', one of the 'ladies' being a guy with a 5 o'clock shadow. Freaks, all of them! There are more pictures of protesstors on my blog: It's Time to Take America Back , so be sure to to take a look at it.

Friday night, March 16th, groups of Veterans and supporters stood outside of Walter Reed in the cold, while it was snowing and gave support to the guys coming in and out, while the small crowd of Code Pink people tried to stage their weekly tirade.

The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition's musical guest was a rapper with a 'rap' sheet. Big surprise, huh? Apparently he had some controversial songs about Bush and about 9/11 being an inside job. When we had our rally, with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star-Spangled Banner, all you could hear were the shouts of the morons across the way. While our side played Taps, you could hear them shouting things like, "Puerto Rico is in the house, Cuba is in the house, Palestine is in the house, etc." as if that was a good thing! I didn't hear them say, and this is important, "America is in the house!" America was there that day, but not with the '10,000' Anti-Americans. America was where she belonged, with her 30,000 supporters.

The protesters tried to paint the Eagles as 'bullies', but everyone was really civil I'm surprised at how civil the Eagles were considering that for many of our Vietnam Veterans this was the first time they were able to vent their rage at the protesters without lifting a finger to them. Just our being there angered the 'mob'. They were a little shaken by our numbers as well. Was it surprise or fear? Hard to tell under all the rainbows and pink ribbons. We ruined their "Communist" Block Party. And that pleases me very much!

Towards the end of the day, when most of us were leaving and waiting for our busses and whatnot to come, suddenly dozens of cop cars and paddy wagons went flying down Constitution Avenue with their lights on and sirens blaring. I found out that about 200 people from the Black Bloc people (whatever they are) tried to climb the fence surrounding the wall with weapons. None of them made it over and they were all arrested. But you won't read about that or see it on TV either. One of the guys I was walking around with that day, was there and saw the whole thing. He said there were more cops that what I even saw.

When I went with my kids to DC couple of years ago, it was a rainy, chilly Spring day, May 17th, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy's birthday. No one was around and we walked freely all over the Mall, including in the area of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. On March 17th, everyone had to go through a metal detector to visit the Wall. There were barricades all over the place. The lines were incredibly long, but so worth it. There were Vietnam Veterans in wheelchairs spanning the length of the wall, thanking everyone who came in support of them and our troops. We weren't allowed to carry bags in with us to see the wall. All that because of the protesters. It was amazing, though!

There are tons of pictures up at and on the page. I have had a ton of people sign my guestbook in the past month. Before that all I ever got was spam and I had to dump the guestbook. One of them was a Philly cop who said he was also a Navy Veteran in Vietnam and he went to the wall on Saturday, too. His reason was two-fold, he went as a veteran and as a police officer. One of the groups marching were defending and seeking justice for a convicted cop killer from Philadelphia, currently sitting on death row. He shot the cop in the back four times, witnesses stated. I have even had a couple of soldiers sign the guestbook. That was cool. Read the entries by clicking on View My Guestbook.

Two things were accomplished by the Eagles on March 17, 2007, in Washington DC. One was that no war memorial was defaced as they have been in the past by anti-war types all over the country. The other was to stand in support of our US troops currently serving and for our Vietnam Veterans. For the first time in our country, Vietnam Veterans recevied the "Welcome Home and Thanks for Serving!, they never received.

Joining the Gathering of Eagles that day was so worth the trip, even if the news media doesn't think so. This is why it is up to Americans to take their country back. We can do it! It isn't too late!


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