Age and Journalism do not mix; just ask the anti-semitic

Helen Thomas may be getting too old to report on anything, but at least she came right out and said what many in this administration are thinking, as far as the Jews and Israel is concerned these days.

  On Jewish Heritage Day, on the front lawn of the White House, in an interview with, the 89 year old member of the Press Corps said that Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine", and should "go home to Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else." She also said they were 'occupying" Palestine.

Is it age or is it just going along with the anti-semitic tone in the air that has been prevalent since Israel stopped the Hamas-funded flotilla from reaching Gaza.

Nine Speakers, the agency who represented Thomas for speaking events, etc., has dumped her as a client.

Ari Fleischer, himself Jewish, found Thomas' remarks, "appalling." The White House Counsel for former President Clinton, called her "an anti-Semitic bigot." And a high school in Maryland rescinded their offer to have Helen Thomas speak at their commencement.

First Dan Rather exits the world of journalism in disgrace after a long and respected career, when he reported that Bush lied about his service to his country without checking the story out to find it was false.

Then Barbara Walters makes a mockery of women in journalism everywhere by associating herself with a show advertised as women discussing current events, which turned into a Bush bash for eight years.

Now Helen Thomas, who has a front and center seat at the White House Press Conferences, makes anti-semitic remarks.

Is age a factor with this trend? Or is it just part of the trend in the current administration, to taint any remnant of dignity that might be left in the world of reporters, by allowing her to run her mouth, with no word of rebuttal from others denouncing what she said.

Even a writer has gone to the 'creepy' side of journalism to rent a house right next door to Sarah Palin, to write about her. The problem is what he plans to write about, being in such close proximity. He is only 68 years old, so he is not yet in the age bracket of Rather or Walters, but problems associated with the mind as we age, does not always wait until we are in our 80's, so there is no way to know if age is the factor with the Palin creepfest.

I happen to think that age is part of it, but the sleaziness of journalism, particularly news about politicians, people in the public eye and about current events is just the nature of the beast now.

What would the White House or the rest of the world say if Helen would have said that the Japanese in America should go back to Japan, or that the Russians in America should go back to Russia?

Should Thomas still have her job? Or is she no worse than the rest of the mainstream media today, just a little more blunt about how she feels? 

Hitler was once quoted as saying, "The ultimate objective must, however, be the irrevocable removal of the Jews in general."  

Is the whole world smoking crack? What is going on?  


"Helen, get out of journalism, and go home and play with your great-grandchildren!"  

Update: Thomas has announced her retirement! And just like Rather, THIS is what people will most remember her for, and rightfully so, don't you think?

For those of you who defend Thomas, why is it okay for her to tell Israel to "go back home", but it is NOT okay for Arizona, its citizens, and the Governor, by way of the Arizona Immigration Law to tell illegal immigrants they should ALSO "go back home".


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