Tackling Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Pro-Life Ad

The leftist lunatics are at it again. Last week, pro-choice groups went ballistic when they found out that a pro-life ad would air during the Super Bowl. They joined with the ever-lurking ACLU, to try to stop this horrible display of a mother explaining how proud she is to have made the decision to keep her baby instead of killing it. Shocking, is it not?

The Super Bowl aired, with millions of pro-abortion nuts glued to their sets, waiting and watching. Finally, the ad came on, and Tim Tebow's mother called her son a miracle baby. Not even mentioning the word, pro-life, the ad showed a woman telling how proud she was of her son, a successful football player, and a Heisman Trophy winner.

Ready to call the ACLU on their speed dial, the pro-choice audience waits for Tim's mom to say she is pro-life. They wait and wait, and then...nothing.

At the end of the ad, it appeared as though her son tackled her to the ground. The humor of the situation went completely over the heads of pro-choice people, their phones now back in the cradles.

Since no one in the ad advised women against sucking the child she is carrying out of her womb, the lefties were beside themselves, and did not know what to do. They thought about it, for a fraction of a second, and decided to protest the ad by saying that it promoted violence against women because it showed her son tackling her to the ground.

The internet buzzed about it; pro-abortion chat rooms talked about it all day yesterday, and some of them even threatened to stop watching the evil, warmongering network that aired the ad in the first place.

What I found most fascinating about the hype, was that none of these people took offense to another ad in that same time slot, showing a football player tackling Betty White, to the ground.

Do they care less about a man knocking an elderly woman to the ground than they do about a middle-age woman? If so, what is the reasoning behind it? Even if they tried explaining it, it would probably make no sense to those outside their little circle.

The ad, even though we all knew ahead of time what it was about, did not include the phrases; pro-life, anti-abortion, abortion is murder, etc. What was it that bothered the pro-choice people?

Could it possibly be those pro-life advertisements, pro-life rallies, and the mere phrase; pro-life, sparks guilt in these people that they externalize and throw back onto those who will always believe that abortion is murder?

I am amazed when I read polls that tell me the liberal left is against the death penalty. Kill a living breathing child, but a convicted murderer; not so much. When approached with this question, the pro-abortionists recite the rhetoric they learned from doctors who forgot about the "First, do no harm" oath they took. These abortion doctors tell the pro-choice crowd that it a fetus is not a living breathing human being.

I do not know about anyone else, but I have seen sonograms of babies in the womb. They breathe, they move, they are alive. Abortion is murder no matter what those butchers tell women. There are actually doctors who call themselves late-term abortion doctors. This is how they make their living. I wish someone would explain why Dr. Kevorkian, labeled the suicide doctor, served time in jail, while these sociopaths still have medical licenses.

If you try to debate the abortion issue with pro-choice people, they will spout the old stand-by, "the Supreme Court gave me the right to do so", therefore it is okay for a hack to take a vacuum and suck the child out of a woman's body. Why would women use that as a reason, or an excuse to get an abortion? Is it to relieve their consciences?

For me, the commotion stirred up by the lunatic fringe of the pro-choice movement comes from fear. They are afraid that many women watched the pro-life ad, and wondered if having an abortion is truly the right thing for them to do. The pro-choice group does not want a woman to point out that when faced with a difficult decision, she decided against abortion. Women who decide to have their baby will forever tell anyone who will listen, that they are happy they did not end the child's life. The pro-choice women hate it when others are happy with their decision to give birth, but why do they hate it?

Joy Behar tried to spread her pro-abortion agenda with her fans, by saying in essence, that a woman who is deciding on whether or not to have an abortion, should consider that the baby might grow up to be a 'racist pedophile'. Is Joy Behar the new poster child for pro-life?

I fail to understand why this woman is allowed to express her idiotic views on the subject of abortion, but people would get all fired up if a woman went on television and asked, "But what if the child I am carrying would grow up to be the man or woman who cures cancer?"

Why would the lame stream media not permit a woman to announce that the child she decided not to abort might possibly save millions of lives in the future? Could you imagine the outrage that would produce? Behar, in the other hand, gets no backlash from anyone.

In conclusion, I say that people promoting, encouraging, and advocating taking the life of a baby, should keep their views to themselves, unless both sides can debate it out in the open. These people are trying to relieve the guilt they feel about their sick and twisted view on when life begins. That is something they must live with. Getting people to agree with you will not do that for them.

When the crazy pro-choice loons, like Behar, tell women the life growing inside them could become a murderer, I say, "You already are".

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