Society and Culture

ACLU and SEIU make nice at ICE

ACLU gets a slapdown

Adulterous atheist sues NASA for separation of church and state

Case for Christianity

Child-molesters, child-rapists and child-murderers deserve death penalty

Child Molesters and Child Abductors Released from Prison Early - Why?

Crabb says: "You don't have a National Prayer" - America says: "YES WE DO!"

Cross-dressing fetish tied in with Day of Silence for 8 year olds

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Care Either

Fundamental Transformation of America: Time capsule

Is poverty responsible for high crime rates?

Joy Behar new poster child for pro-life

No Salt? No Way!

Obama's Faith Based Initiatives for Reunification of Church and State

Radical left indoctrinating young women again

Social Networking Sites and Social Outcasts

Stop Climate Change with the Population Bomb!

Tackling Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Pro-Life Ad

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