Smoking Banned in Public Places!

This site does NOT advocate smoking,

I am not trying to recruit people to start smoking. If you used to smoke and you have successfully quit, congratulations!

On this site I am merely voicing my opinion on the No Smoking Law!

I am a smoker. I have been a smoker for the last 30 years. Yes, I know about the health warnings on packs of cigarettes. I know that smoking cigarettes may cause heart disease, lung cancer, and a host of other illnesses.

I do not know who runs those studies on the effects of second-hand smoke, but I grew up in a house where both my parents smoked. My two older brothers smoked and so did one of my older sisters. I sat on the couch next to both of my parents more times than I can remember while they were both puffing away. Most of my friends' parents also smoked. I was surrounded by second-hand smoke the whole time I was growing up. With all that exposure to second-hand smoke, you would think I would have some terrible respiratory ailment by now. However, I have NEVER had any serious respiratory illnesses. I haven't had more colds than the average person has, and I can still outrun my 10-year-old son without shortness of breath. In addition, I have never been hospitalized for anything other than giving birth since I had eye surgery when I was three years old. Perhaps I am an exception, but until there is actual definite proof, I for one will never believe that second-hand smoke from cigarettes is harmful to non-smokers.

I am not defending the tobacco companies. They know what is in the products they sell and they know what those products can do. However, we smokers are the ones who put the cigarettes in our mouths, and light them up and smoke them. The tobacco companies do not send people out to my house to tie me up and force me to smoke. I think it is insane that tobacco companies pay people who smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day for 30 years who claim they did not know cigarettes are addicting.

I guess I will have to suffer like the rest of my smoking cohorts and go outside during lunch breaks in 20-degree weather to smoke a cigarette because of these no-smoking laws. I will have to wait until I leave a restaurant to have my after-meals cigarette because restaurants only want to cater to the non-smokers in the world. I can get used to it, but here are a few laws I would like to see passed.

Alcohol Consumption Banned in Public Places (Except in Bars and Taprooms)

What about public places, other than bars, that allow the consumption of alcohol? My father was an alcoholic. I know what growing up living with an alcoholic does for family members. The effects may not medical, but they are just as devastating. I do not enjoy watching someone getting drunk while I am eating in a restaurant that serves alcohol. I cannot enjoy a cigarette after a meal in a restaurant, but the guy next to me can drink four martinis with lunch and then get behind the wheel of a car, and drive back to work, or home to beat his kids and yell at his wife. Why aren't there drinking and non-drinking restaurants?

Okay, there are, McDonalds, Burger King, etc., but who wants to eat there everyday? Why aren't there drinking and non-drinking sections like there used to be for smoking? Then I could eat my meal while the drunks are bothering people on the OTHER side of the restaurant. If the tobacco companies are being sued for their product, why can't families of alcoholics sue the liquor companies?

Cars Banned on Public Highways

I do not have a driver's license. I have never had the desire to get behind the wheel of a car. However, I do have a nose and the fumes that come out of the back of cars takes my breath away. If that doesn't have an effect on my lungs, I don't know what will. Why is it okay for drivers to pollute my air as I walk to the bus stop?

With all this talk about GREEN this and GREEN that, you would think all the liberal weenies would sell their cars and find another mode of transportation.

What would happen if cars were banned? What would all the drivers do? Maybe they could take a bus or dare I say it, WALK?

Gum-Chewing and Gum-Cracking Banned in Public Places

Have you ever held a conversation with someone while he or she chewed gum? Chewing gum in someone's face is one of the most ignorant things I think people can do, other than maybe blowing smoke from a cigarette in someone's face. I love the ones who make a lot of noise while they chew gum. Their mouths go up and down like jackhammers. My personal favorites are the gum-crackers. Have you ever had to listen to that on a bus or train for 45 minutes to an hour? Let's not forget about the saliva that flies out of the mouths of these gum-chewers and gum-crackers. Weren't public spittoons outlawed because of the influenza outbreak in the early 1900's? The ones that bother me the most are the ex-smokers who chew and crack their nicotine gum in my face, and then have the nerve to tell me I should quit smoking.

If you have any ideas on what YOU would like to see banned in public,
other than liberal leftards, let me know!

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