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America's Unsung Heroes

This page is dedicated to the POW/MIA's from the Vietnam War who are from my hometown. These brave heroes never came home and their bodies were never recovered. Where are they? Don't they deserve to be buried on American soil? I have 'adopted' these men and the pages will remain until they all come home.


This page includes the names of all the men on the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. I also included the inscription that appears on the wall in Penns Landing. Philadelphia is a large city, but there are just too many names on that wall. They sacrificed their own lives for freedom. This is my way of honoring them.

God Bless America and Our US Troops

My tribute to the greatest country in the world, and to the heroes who fight for its freedom everyday. I am proud to be an American, and I am extremely proud of my fellow Americans who put their lives on the line fearlessly and selflessly, every day, to make America what it is.

God Bless Our Vietnam Veterans

Vietnam Veterans, Welcome Home and Thanks for Serving!

Muldrake's Manor

A new index page with links to other sites.

Pets Are People Too!

My concern for the many homeless animals in shelters that desperately need a family to call their own.

Space...Not Science Fiction Anymore

My interest in NASA and the early manned space flights.

Wake Up America Before it is Too Late!

If You Love Your Country, You Need to Read This!

Welcome Home, Willie

Dedicated to my friend, Willie, a Vietnam Veteran

Write On!

I have even had a few articles published. Are you a writer? Perhaps we can share some ideas.

Muldrake's Main Beefs

Anti War Protesters

Why Don't They Try Rooting For Our Side For a Change?

Celebrity Anti-War Protesters

What can I say about this group of sniveling, whining pansies? Plenty! I despise them as much as the sign-carrying clowns from the 60's. I have some suggestions for these people.

Have You Offended Someone Today?

This is a page for the people who are sick of being politically correct. It is also for people, like myself, who are tired of being blamed for all of the woes of the world. Have you offended someone today? I'm sure I have!

The FDNY, the NYPD, and our US Troops

Who's to Blame for 9/11? How about the homicidal psychopaths who flew planes into the Twin Towers? Shame on the 9/11 Commission!

Keep God in Our Country

In the Pledge, on our money, and outside the courthouses. Funny that now on television, they can say any filthy, obscene word they want, but we can't say God in school or in the courthouse. Please!

No More Michael Moore

I hate this man. His documentaries are edited and distorted solely for the purpose of making money and feeding his face. He is a loud-mouth nothing and I wish he would just go away

Smoking Banned From Public Places

Here are some other things I'd like to see banned.

Stupid Beer Commercials

Growing up with an alcoholic father, I can't help thinking how these commercials send the wrong message. It makes people think it's cool to act stupid and so I have a few ideas for some ads I would like to see the beer distributors show to the public.

Who's Really to Blame for September 11th?

More of my opinion on the 9/11 Commission

Muldrake's Miscellaneous

Muldrake's Favorite Things

This is a brand new page I started, just for fun.

American Idol Chatter Blog

Who Else Misses the Excitement of Taylor Hicks?

Where is Harry Kalas When You Really Need Him?

Enjoying Baseball's Postseason? Are you a displaced NY Yankees fan?

Fix Your Credit Yourself

Ever have trouble with the three Major Credit Bureaus; Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion? Ever try getting them to correct items on your credit report?

Good News From Our Soldiers in Iraq

The news from Iraq you won't see in the main stream liberally-biased media reports.

It is Time to Take America Back!

There are people within our own country who want what America's enemies want. Be afraid! Be VERY Afraid!

Landlord-Tenant Complaints

Has your Landlord filed a Complaint against you? Has a Judge awarded a Judgment against you in favor of your Landlord? Then, you're not alone.

O'Muldrake's MySpace Page

A great way to see what my kids are doing on here.

A tribute to the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin 1962-2006

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