Sarah Palin's book author doesn't understand why her husband is upset

I'm going to assume McGinniss is a liberal, otherwise he wouldn't say that he doesn't feel that Todd Palin should be upset that this joker will be a peeping Tom into the every day AND night activities of Palin and her children.  

Only a far left lunatic would be surprised that a man would defend his wife and children by erecting a 14ft fence, so McGinniss cannot peer into any of the Palin bedrooms.


Todd did good, but I would have taken it a few steps further. Here are the revisions I would make: barbed wire, armored guard, and watchdog!

I also have Neighbors from Hell with people who torment my dogs and their kids who throw things at them, so I sort of know what Sarah Palin's family must be feeling.  

Creepy, ain't it? Kind of like the social outcasts on social networking sites who demanded I post a photo of myself and give them my real name!