Stop climate change with the population bomb


According to Paul Ehrlich, the man who wrote, The Population Bomb", "Americans should go childless, or limit themselves to a single offspring, as an act of patriotism," said Ehrlich, who warns that expanding consumption will damage our life-support systems – causing a decline of food security and depletion of water recourses – and a possibly severe decline in standards of living. "All of the additional mining, harvesting, building and manufacturing to provide for growing numbers of people increase greenhouse gas emissions and cause greater climate disruption," he said.

Currently, this nut is also a patron in the Optimum Population Trust, or OPT.

"OPT campaigns for population stabilisation and gradual decrease both globally and in the United Kingdom. It advocates improved provision of family planning and sex education, better education and rights for women and that couples voluntarily "stop at two".

Here's the scariest part, this guy is also an educator, who is the Bing Professor of Population Studies in the department of Biological Sciences at Stanford University.

Too bad the lunatic fringe didn't follow his instructions in the book, Population Bomb, at the time it was written, because there would be less of them running around today trying to transform America into a progressive nation. There would also be a decrease in the number of abortions.

My question to those who believe that climate change is man-made, and that by initiating this 'stop at two' as Ehrlich suggests mankind, it could actual stop global warming:

How do parents with three children decide which one to get rid of for the sake of the earth?