Sarah Palin and Governor Perry speak at fundraiser for the heroism of Motherhood

Back in April, Sarah Palin and Governor Rick Perry spoke at a fundraiser for Heroic Media, in Austin, TX last night. Heroic Media celebrates the "heroism of motherhood".

Calling Texas "Alaska's little sister state" Sarah spoke about the sharp contrast in Obama's views on abortion, saying he is "the most pro-abortion president to ever occupy the White House."

She told Perry that she was happy to be among those who were "not afraid to cling to your guns and your religion". She went on to say that she was proud of Texas and its efforts to "protect unborn children".

Anti-life women carried signs and chanted outside the event saying, "Women should decide their fate". Did they mean the fate of women or the fate of unborn children, killed by abortion doctors?

Some of these women were way beyond the years when their biological clock stopped ticking, so it was hard to tell what they were saying. If, indeed, they were saying women should be able to decide the fate of babies, then they must believe they are God, because God gives us the gift of children.

Then again, if you have a President who says he does not want his daughter punished with a baby, it is hard to know which way is up anymore.

These same pro-abortion types also oppose the death penalty. Would they be more inclined to speak out against abortion if they used lethal injections or guns to end a pregnancy?

Sarah Palin, as one supporter at the fundraiser said, "She's got great American values".

Yes, she does, and because so few people in the public eye today do, it is what makes Sarah Palin a cut above the rest.