Sarah Palin - Why Liberals Hate Her

For eight long years, conservatives heard hatred from the left, for the Republicans and most especially, for George W. Bush.

In January of 2009, liberals rejoiced at the inauguration of President Obama, a liberal, probably the most liberal president we have had in a long time.

Now it is the conservatives turn to moan and complain about the policies of a Democratic president. That is the natural course of politics.

What is fast becoming a phenomenon, are the liberals who are still angry at John McCain's choice for his running mate, Sarah Palin.

As they do with all politicians, comedians imitated, poked fun at, and mocked both John McCain and Sarah Palin. Tina Fey, from Saturday Night Live, has made a successful career out of making people laugh, while mocking Sarah Palin.

Even the adult cartoon geared towards children, Family Guy, got into the act and took it a step further. They decided to make fun of Sarah Palin, and her son, Trig, who has Down's syndrome.

Every liberal cable news program found they could not say enough bad things about her, and have carried their hatred for Sarah Palin, on into the second year of Barack Obama's presidency.

We all know that the Women's Lib Movement angered many men. Some men still believed that women should stay at home and raise the kids, while they went out and earned a living. Others felt women were less intelligent than men were and should not have high-paying jobs, successful careers, or even be involved in politics.

This could be the basis for liberal men's hatred of Sarah Palin. She not only angers liberal men, she frightens them.

The liberal women who have a deep-rooted hatred for Sarah Palin is harder to define, because women, no matter what political party they are in, should rejoice at the successes of women like Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton, who got closer to the White House than any women in history.

Sarah Palin is an attractive, smart, and personable woman, who was the Governor of Alaska. She is also a mom, and the mother to a child with special needs. I consider anyone who raises, loves, and cares for a special needs child, special.

Why, then, is there this hatred from liberals for Sarah Palin?

Most of the time we hear derogatory remarks about her, ranging from her lack of intelligence, to her lack of beauty. We hear them make fun of her teenage daughter's pregnancy. We hear them think that Tina Fey is the funniest thing since Lucille Ball when she makes fun of Sarah Palin. We also hear them say they thought there was nothing wrong with the Family Guy episode that made fun of her son.

Can people really be this shallow and unkind? If there are ulterior motives for this hatred, it must lie in her beliefs and her values. It must be because of what Sarah Palin stands for.

Therefore, what is it that Sarah Palin believes in?

For one thing, her stand on abortion is clear. Sarah Palin once said that she would do whatever she could to see that every child that created has a future and a potential. She believes that legislation should do all that it can to make that a reality.

She has proven by example that she stands by her beliefs. I also agree that God blesses a woman with a child for a reason, and that only God knows what the reason is, and we have no right to alter his decision by ending a pregnancy.

She also believes that woman should use contraceptive measures to avoid pregnancy if they are not ready or willing to care for a baby. She is pro-woman, but anti-abortion. Sarah Palin believes that mistakes society has made should not lead us to condone ending the life of a child.

I agree with her on this as well, because although I want my daughters to live their lives as they see fit, I have taught them the importance of waiting to have sex until they are capable of handling it. When the time comes, they will be able to choose which method of contraception they prefer, if they believe they are not ready to have a baby. It all comes down to educating our own children using our morals and values as guides. However, we are human and we all make mistakes, but as Sarah said, life is precious, and if my daughter became pregnant and needed help, I would give it to her. I would not make her feel that the child she was carrying was a mistake.

Sarah Palin's passion for children does not end at birth because she also believes that anyone who murders a child should receive the death penalty. I do not know one mother in the world who would be against that. I take it further and say that child molesters, if convicted, should also receive the death penalty.

For children's education, Palin believes that the curriculum should go back to the ABC method, and that education should include patriotism and ethics. My children respect the US flag, they have having pride in the country they were born, and live, in, and it is something they will carry with them all through their lives.

I also agree with Palin's position on how big a role parents play in their child's education. Children and parents need to know that the school cares about their education as much as they do. Parents need to be involved in every aspect of what teachers are teaching their students.

As a woman, these are the most basic and most important points of Sarah Palin's political stance. She is also pro-troops, as am I, and like me, she also believes in a strong and powerful military to protect our nation.

I guess that because of Sarah Palin's stand on abortion, and her stand on what to do with child murderers, this presents problems for most liberals.

What I do not understand is their hatred that spills over onto her physically handicapped child. I shudder to think what would happen if, while discussing Tina Fey's ridiculing imitations of Sarah Palin, a conservative would bring up the gigantic scar going down the side of Tina Fey's face.

Would they laugh the way they did at Family Guy for mocking Sarah Palin's child?

I doubt they would think it was as funny as making fun of a woman who has not only found success in politics, but has also won over many people because of her down-to-earth demeanor, and her courage to do what she believes is right for her and for her children.

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