Obama on the move with the Tea Party

Obama found out the hard way that if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. 

Recently, Bill Clinton received an assignment from the president; to find ways to smear the Tea Party Movement.

The president really needs for this to happen, so giving this job to Bill may have been a mistake. 

The Tea Party Movement rallies against Obama's idea of 'upholding, protecting, and defending' the Constitution of the United States of America. 

Obama's radical idea of upholding it, is violating it. Those who point this out to others most certainly must be the same nut jobs who question is citizenship, right? 


It is what Obama plans to do with the power given to him by those who voted for him. 

In an interview on the Today show, Obama said he did not want to paint "Tea Party Activists" in broad brushes. 

No, he just wants to smear them by finger pointing/painting. He claims he wants to win over those who have legitimate concerns.


"That's fantastic!"                 "You betcha!"

Respectfully, I do not think Obama can win over those who understand what Obama is trying to do to America. 

The Tea Party Movement is not made up of radical activists as Obama and the radical left try to label them. Most of the country understands why Obama wants to deflect that image away from himself.

Obama knows, as most of us do, that Clinton is only capable of performing if he has assistance. Maybe Obama should assign an intern to help him with this extracurricular activity.  

All the President's Czars  

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