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I am so fed up with people always being on the defense; always being on the lookout for something that might have been meant to offend an entire class of people. Why don't these whiny, sniveling pansies find something better to do with their time then to sit and watch TV all day, just waiting for someone to say or do something that can be miscontrued as a racial slur, or a blurb against an entire race.

I have decided to take offense at a few things myself, because as the saying goes, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!


The Passion of the Christ (A Film by Mel Gibson)

How can Jewish people protest a movie about Jesus, regardless of the content, when they do not even believe he was born yet? And since when didn't Christians believe that the Jews killed Christ? Jews protesting "The Passion of the Christ" is like people protesting a Star Trek Movie because they don't believe there is life on other planets.

The usually biased ABCNews had a poll on their website recently that asked: "Are Jews TODAY responsible for the death of Jesus?" That got me thinking about a few things. I am a proud American citizen, white, of Irish/German descent. Why doesn't someone conduct these polls:

Are Germans TODAY responsible for the Holocaust?

If I wanted to complain and take offense at things, I would complain everytime I saw a movie, TV show, or documentary about the Holocaust. Not every person of German descent is Anti-Semetic. Not everyone in Germany hates the Jews, or hated them back in the 30's and 40's. Not every German during Hitler's rule exterminated Jews. Not every German-American hates the Jewish people. Therefore:

Germans TODAY are not responsible for the Holocaust!

Are the Irish responsible for alcoholism and leprechauns?
(I wish someone would choke that stupid Lucky Charms leprechaun.)

Not every Irish person is a drunk. Not every Irish person believes in leprechauns. Not everyone who is Irish likes to get loaded and dream of finding a pot of gold at tbe end of a rainbow. Therefore:

Irish people are not responsible for alcoholism!

And another thing: I don't like that Colin Farrell has to hide his Irish accent in all of his movies. It sends a message that says a person who speaks with a heavy Irish accent could not possibly be a member of the SWAT team. They could not be a publicist from NY. They could not, even in the future, work for an agency that prevents crimes they know will happen. They could not be recruited into the CIA. Why is that? Okay, "Hart's War" I'll give you. Ireland didn't send troops, so for that one his Irish accent had to be hidden. But he could have pretended he had an English accent. That's what they make Pierce Brosnan do for the James Bond movies. I know he grew up in England, but he was born in Ireland and he is definitely Irish!

And yet another thing, the Irish weren't exactly welcomed in America with open arms. If you have never seen the movie, The Manions of America, then you wouldn't know anything about it. There were signs hung in businesses, "No Irish Need Apply". How's that? As bad as "For Whites Only", isn't it? So everyone has something they could complain about if you look hard enough at our history. Guess when it came time to pick some poor slobs to be willing to use dynamite to blow up things in the way of the railroads we were building, they didn't mind picking the 'dumb' Irishmen. Are they insinuating that Irish people are not that smart? Are they saying, "My God, we can't have people think he talks like that!" It isn't a foreign language he's speaking. Everyone can understand him when he speaks in his 'native tongue', if that's what it could even be considered. Why is Colin Farrell not allowed to speak in his normal voice, with his Irish accent?

Are Whites TODAY responsible for slavery?

Not every white person is prejudiced against blacks. Not every white person grew up thinking blacks were inferior to whites. Not every white person believes that blacks are mainly responsible for crimes committed in the US. Not EVERY white person owned slaves. Therefore:

Whites TODAY are not responsible for slavery.

Is the 'Curse' the reason the NY Yankees win so many World Series Titles?

Should we Yankees fans keep telling ourselves that the Yankees are only as good as they are, and that the Red Sox will never win a World Series, simply because the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees? That takes away from the talent and skills the Yankee players have to get into the playoffs and World Series so many times. The NY Yankees are a great ballclub, the best, always have been, always will be. The Boston Red Sox will never win another World Series Title. Ever! Period! Therefore:

The 'Curse' is not the reason the NY Yankees
have won so many World Series!

* However, given what happened last night in Game 4 of the World Series, I blame the Yankees for allowing:
The Boston Red Sox to become Baseball's World Series Champions for 2004. Now I don't know what to think! Anybody have any theories?

Isn't the lady who sued over the hot coffee responsible for all of this?


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