No Salt? No Way!

Several restaurants and 16 food companies "plan to cut the amount of salt in bacon, flavored rice and dozens of other products as part of a national effort to reduce American's sodium consumption by 20 percent."  

Some of the companies listed at Comcast News include  Heinz Co., Kraft Foods Inc, Starbucks, and Uncle Ben's flavored rice products.

First of all, I stopped buying Heinz ketchup when Kerry ran for president and I found out who his wife was.

I stopped going to Starbucks after they kicked a homeless veteran out of their store, and kicked out customers who spoke to the veteran.

I never liked Starbucks coffee anway. It took 15 minutes for them to make a cup of regular coffee that tasted like it had been sitting on the stove all day, and then charged me what I could have paid for a whole can at the market.

Kraft's rubber cheese, the one in the cellophane wrapped individually? I used to eat it every so often at a friends house. The only good-tasting thing about the cheese WAS the salt.

Uncle Ben's flavored rice? Plain rice makes me gag. I rarely eat it, but when I do, I put salt AND butter it. I do like some of the flavored rices. If taking out the salt makes it taste like white rice, I won't be eating that anymore either.

If my favorite restaurants do stop putting salt on the table, I will not order any of the following, in a restaurant ever again:



Now if they stop putting the salt in jars of olives and pickles, or on soft pretzels, we're gonna have a major problem!

I'm originally from Philly, so don't mess with the soft pretzel, please!


Disclaimer: I can't believe I even have to say this, but given the comments I have had from some people on social networking sites with the largest number of social outcasts I've ever encountered, like Gather, I feel I must.

I do not wish anyone who has high blood pressure to overdo their salt intake. I am not telling anyone how to eat. It is my personal preference.

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