No More Michael Moore

I just watched "Bowling For Columbine" last night for the first time. While everyone is in agreement over how tragic the fatal shootings of those high school students were, not everyone agrees on WHY it happened. The only think I think Moore was right on the nose about was the media and how it picks and chooses what stories it wants to cover, and from what angle they want to cover it.

I have always believed the old saying, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." In the case of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, here were obviously two very screwed-up teenagers. By screwed-up, I mean they were deeply disturbed. They didn't murder their classmates because Americans have the right to 'bear arms'.

What about their parents? Did they not have a clue as to what road their sons were taking? There were no warning signs? Nowhere in Moore's film did he put blame on the two murderers. He put it everywhere else, and some of them were so ridiculous, I think Moore is mentally disturbed.

I like the part where he blamed Dick Clark because a woman who works at a restaurant bearing his name had to work instead of remaining on welfare. Moore claims that's why her 6 year old son brought a gun to school and killed another 6 year old? Give me a break! If anything, I think Moore used the tragedy at Columbine for his own political platform. He doesn't care about those kids. He doesn't really think that lenient gun laws in America caused that. It makes for good controversy, and as he tried to point out, it also makes a film worth watching. All depends on who's watching.

The part about Canada was especially interesting. If he is so enamored with the low crime rate in know what's coming...then why doesn't he live there? I'm sure if this were the 60's and his number came up to serve his country, that's where he'd be. Are we really expected to believe that all of those houses he walked into wasn't a setup? I guess he thinks all Americans are stupid, too, if he thought we'd buy that garbage.

The part (badly edited, by the way) with Charlton Heston was really in poor taste. It isn't his fault that those two boys from Columbine chose to go on a murdering rampage. The hijackers that killed thousands of people when they rammed planes into the world trade center, used what, guns? No, I think they used box cutters.

There is less crime in other countries, that is true. But anyone in most other countries who dared to air the kind of junk that Moore passed off as a film, would probably be publicly executed.

Why didn't Moore do a film on how the students at Columbine were doing after the tragedy? Why didn't he use the money he used on the film to set up a fund for the families of the victims?

And why did Moore win an Oscar? Well, we all know about the Oscars. They finally gave Denzel Washington his long overdue Oscar, but they only did it so that people would stop accusing them of being prejudiced against blacks. Denzel Washington has deserved that Oscar many times over. But then they go one, or two better. They also give it to Halle Berry that year, and a lifetime achievement award to Sidney Poitier. I think the message they sent us was not to expect to see a black person win an Oscar for a very long time. The Academy only gave the Oscar to Moore because they knew tons of people tuned in just to see if that loudmouth would win. Viewers wanted to see if Moore would get up and utter gibberish about the president, and about America, blah, blah, blah...and Moore did exactly that.

Many people, not just Moore, have tried to blame the Columbine tragedy on many different things. For a while, they said that bullying could have caused it. Anyone NOT remember being picked on in school? Did we all turn out to be mass murderers? Then, there's violence on TV, etc. I grew up watching The Three Stooges, I loved them and still do. I have NEVER hit anyone on the head with a frying pan or a hammer, I have never poked anyone in the eye on purpse. Yet people will lay the blame on them for violence.

Don't you think that if anyone does these kinds of things in real life that there is something just a little bit 'off' about them? Don't you think they have deep-rooted psychological problems to begin with? Don't you think blaming Charlton Heston is going way out on a limb. I do. Moore's nothing but a big mouth. He's had his 15 minutes and hopefully we'll never hear from him again.

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