Bill Clinton mistakes radical freaks for Tea Partiers

In his brand spanking new job, Clinton showed us what can happen when you continue to lie like Pinocchio. once you lie to a grand jury while you are the President of the United States.  

Obama assigned the important task of smearing the Tea Partiers to make them look like radical nutjobs.  

A few months ago, Clinton took some photos and brought them to his leader to show how radical and violent Tea Partiers can be.  

The only problem was that he wandered into a Mao/Guevera/Hitler honor rally by mistake.    

Here are some of the photos taken at a radical Left-wing rally, in LA on March 20, 2010  

(All photos courtesy of Pajamas Media)


guess this throwback from the hippie crowd missed Glenn Beck's documentary about Che, huh?


Helping the Secretary of State Clinton to destroy US/Israel Relations!


Radical Islamic wants a peace of us!


This guy forgot to update his posters, but at least the yellow sign repeats what Obama says about America's dominance!


This one couldn't find a babysitter so they brought the little one along with them!


This one's just a human waste!


This one was reportedly in that secret meeting between Stupak and Obama!


Some unemployed architects?


This one should have hid his whole face!


Here's what Clinton was supposed to be smearing. These are the real Tea Partiers:

And they don't belong on Christmas ornaments, Obama!


 You betcha!



This is a photo of Obama's reaction when Clinton asked Obama, "How'd I do?"


Bill then became confused at Obama's disappointment and reportedly asked, "What I do?"


Maybe Obama should find another way to get Clinton out of his hair and away from the White House, because this ain't really workin' folks, is it? 

Maybe you should get rid of these clowns around you, and hire smarter people, like this guy! Whataya say?

"I did NOT take pictures of the wrong crowds!"

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