Edward G. Gibson

Born November 8, 1936, in Buffalo, New York.
Bachelor of science in engineering from University of Rochester;
Master of science in engineering from California Institute of Technology;
Doctorate of philosophy in engineering and physics from California Institute of Technology.


About the Man

Edward Gibson graduated from Kenmore Senior High School, Kenmore, New York. While studying at Caltech, Gibson was a research assistant in the field of jet propulsion and classical physics. His technical publications are in the fields of plasma physics and solar physics. He was senior research scientist with the Applied Research Laboratories of Philco Corporation at Newport Beach, California, from June 1964 until coming to NASA. While at Philco, he did research on lasers and the optical breakdown of gases. Subsequent to joining NASA in 1965, he wrote a textbook in solar physics entitled "The Quiet Sun."

Gibson's training and data acquisition as science-pilot on the last Skylab mission were in the areas of solar physics, comet observations, stellar observations, earth resources studies, space medicine and physiology, and flight surgeon activities. He has logged more than 4,300 hours flying time--2,270 hours in jet aircraft.


About the Spaceflight

Skylab 4

November 16, 1973 - February 8, 1974

Last of the Skylab missions; included observation of the Comet Kohoutek among numerous experiments. Completed 1,214 Earth orbits and four EVAs totaling 22 hours, 13 minutes.

Skylab 4 Crew - Gerald P. Carr, Edward G. Gibson, and Astronaut William R. Pogue

For additonal information on the Skylab Missions, go to the following website:

The Skylab Project

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