Owen K. Garriott (Ph.D)

Born November 22, 1930, in Enid, Oklahoma.
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Oklahoma;
Master of Science and Doctorate of Philosophy,
Electrical Engineering, Stanford University.

About the Man

Owen Garriott graduated from Enid High School in 1948. He received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 1953 and a M.S. and Ph.D from Stanford University in Electrical Engineering in 1957 and 1960, respectively. Garriott completed one year U.S. Air Force Pilot Training Program (1966), receiving qualification as pilot in jet aircraft.


About the Spaceflights

Skylab SL-3

Jul. 28-Sep. 25, 1973

Continued maintenance of the space station and extensive scientific and medical experiments. Completed 858 Earth orbits and 1,081 hours of solar and Earth experiments; three EVAs totaled 13 hours, 43 minutes.

Flight Duration: 59 days, 11 hours


Garriott spacewalks near the Apollo Telescope Mount He had just deployed an experiment designed to collect interplanetary dust particles and study their impact.


November 28- December 8, 1983

For 10 days the 6-man crew worked 12-hour shifts around-the-clock, performing more than 70 experiments in the fields of atmospheric physics, earth observations, space plasma physics, astronomy and solar physics, materials processing and life sciences. The mission returned more scientific and technical data than all the previous Apollo and Skylab missions put together.

Flight Duration: Ten days, seven hours, forty-seven minutes, and twenty-four seconds


For additonal information on the Space Shuttle, go to the following website:

The Space Shuttle At Work

Click on the patches to read about Owen Garriott's historic
spaceflights in more detail at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Website.



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