Cross-dressing fetish for 8 year old public schoolkids

I don't think this is what Geraldine had in mind!

"What you see is what you get", sums up the education of kids in public school is receiving these days.

The Maude Wilkins Elementary School sent a 16 page letter home to parents telling them to dress their boys up in female clothes, "suggesting cheerleader outfits and poodle skirts" for children in the 3rd and 4th grade.  

This was for a fashion show to coincide with the Day of Silence, to raise awareness of the bullying of gay and lesbian students.

As a parent who had 3 children, I know that it is tough enough for some kids to escape teasing and bullying.

  Wouldn't emulating a cross-dressing fetish put kids more at risk for teasing in the future?

  Is this part of the reason our children score so low in math and reading?

  What are schools trying to do to 8 and 9 year olds? On the school's website, they are also planning to make April 14th, Grandparents and Special Friends Day.

  What type of special friends do they want kids to bring to school, pedophiles?

  As expected, parents flooded the School Superintendent's email after reading this nonsense the school planned, and the fashion show was cancelled.  

How would you like to be told you had to dress your son up like this freak?

I'm glad my kids are almost finished with school. Anyone who does not want their child exposed to this indoctrination of children, especially 3rd and 4th grades, should seriously consider not sending their children to public school.

Take a second job, borrow the money; do whatever you have to do to send your child to school anywhere except to public school!


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