SOS Clinton is clueless about Israel, but Billy cares

Obama believes he has improved America's standing with HCR bill, and with his apologizing to every other nation for the horrible things America stands for. 


Meanwhile, Secretary of State Clinton is throwing Israel, our ally in the Middle East, under the bus.

At AIPAC, the American Israel Republic Affairs Committee, Clinton said, "the spread of Jewish homes on land claimed by the Palestinians threatens the Obama administration's attempts to shuttle diplomacy."

The crowd at AIPAC responded with a standing ovation when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "Jerusalem is not a settlement. It's our capital," Netanyahu said to a prolonged standing ovation.

Her husband Bill Clinton, while lobbying for more money to aid Haiti, said, "When people think you care whether their kids live or die, they like you pretty well!"

"But I did NOT have sex with any of them!"


Which of these three are the most clueless when it comes to what America is, or what Americans are made of? Obama, Bill, or Hillary?

Progressives like these want nothing more than to collapse America's economy, and see our country fail.

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