Who killed Chelsea King?

Chelsea King, aged 17, died a violent and horrible death. The man charged with her murder is John Albert Gardner, a 30-year-old sex offender.

Chelsea King's alleged murderer pled guilty in 2000 to sexually molesting a thirteen-year-old girl. Serving only 5 years of a six-year sentence, the courts decided to allow his release on the condition he wore a global tracking device, until the end of his parole, in the year 2008.

The court-appoint psychiatrist in that case, Dr. Matthew Carroll, warned the court "Gardner would be a continued danger to underage girls." Dr. Caroll urged the maximum sentence of 30 years.

The prosecutors decided to take a plea bargain in the rape of that 13 year old girl, because they claimed they wanted to avoid the "time and trouble of a trial."

If that is not enough to make the blood of parents shoot out of their eyes, it only gets worse. They are now investigating Gardner's involvement in two other attacks on young women.

While I believe that Gardner should die by execution as soon as is feasibly possible, I also think the prosecutors and judge in the case of the rape of a 13 year old girl, should also take responsibility for the damage Gardner has done to entire families.

It is time for us to hold the courts accountable. Because the people involved in Gardners' previous offense did not want to take the time to deal with a trial, a plea bargain put him back out on the streets. The courts are responsible for helping a registered sex offender take the life of Chelsea King.

I want to know if those who let Gardner run loose, have children. How many of them live in the same neighborhood they sent Gardner back out into, to do what he, and others like him, will continue to do before they die.

My heart goes out to the family of Chelsea King. As a parent, I cannot even begin to imagine how they feel about the laziness and indifference of those prosecutors, who in my opinion are accomplices in Chelsea King's murder.

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