CA art teacher says American Flag and God Bless America offensive

Is this what we are paying teachers for? Does a teacher have this much control over 13 year old students that she can tell a child that the American Flag and God Bless America is "offensive"?

A middle school art class in California's Santa Rita School District told a student that the American flag was offensive. This same teacher, however, praised another student for drawing a picture of President Obama.

The 13 year old girl, attending the Gavilan View Middle School, was ordered by the teacher to stop drawing the American flag. The art teacher said, 'You can't draw that, that's offensive.'”

No one has been able to get an answer from the teacher, the school, or the school superintendent, as to what part of the drawing was "offensive".

Was it the US Flag itself? Was it the God Bless America written on the flag drawing?

Has this country and public school education, finally gone down the toilet? Is this what they are teaching children in school?

Here's part of what the superintendent of the school district, Brusa, said:

"This was one small event that did not even come to the level of my office."

  What might be "one small event" to this superintendent of schools, is a BIG event to those of us who still respect the US Flag.

  Anyone living in the United States, whether legally or illegaly, citizen or not, who finds the US Flag or the words,  "God Bless America", can:

Dirtbags like these:

should be forced to leave!

What so proudly we hail! If any of this offends you, you are part of the problem!

One of these things is not like the others!

This offends ME!

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