Celebrity (Anti-War Protesters) Traitors!

I chose the On Gold Pond Background because these people are all cuckoo and they are hacks: Quack! Quack!

"History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid."-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Well, it looks like these weak and timid, sick twisted freaks are at it again!

See the barking moonbats! See the barking moonbats run!

Does anyone really give a whit about what these two traitors have to say about ANYTHING?
Remember what Geraldine used to say: "What You See Is What You Get!"


I'm Just Sayin'!

"Every jackass thinks he knows what war is; especially those who've never been in one".

Like these jackasses! Same Sh*t! Different Day!

"Hanoi Jane is Back! This Time With A Whole New Set of Friends!!

And They're Playing With A Whole New Set of Toys!

Now here's an idea!
The following graphic is from OSarge, but I added Penn's and Fonda's heads in front of the gun!

Stand behind or troops or get in front of them!

Hanoi Jane!
August 1972

Here's what she said during the Vietnam War:

"If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would some day become communist." At Duke University in North Carolina she repeated what she had said in Michigan, adding "I, a socialist, think that we should strive toward a socialist society, all the way to communism. "Washington Times July 7, 2000

Hanoi Jane photo (with anti-aircraft shells used to shoot down American planes) courtesy of Jane Fonda A.K.A. Hanoi Jane

Jihad Jane!

January 27, 2007 --

And here's what she's saying now:

Mean Spirited Vengeful Administration! Death to America! Death to the Infidels! Long Live Abbie Hoffman!*

Jihad Jane photo courtesy all over the Internet.

*Wait a minute, didn't Hoffman die of a drug and alcohol overdose? Yeah, like that was a surprise to anyone!

Whatever happened to Baby Jihad Jane?

Here is a great WWII War Poster. Celebrity Anti-War Protesters Traitors should heed this advice:

poster courtesy of the Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, WPA Poster Collection
[reproduction number, e.g., [LC-USZC2-1234]
Visit their website to view other great Posters

I guess I'm a little slow, so maybe someone can explain it to me, like I'm a 6 year old. I don't understand why Penn, Sarandon, and Robbins, not to mention Hanoi Jane, feel that they know any more than the average American, about what is going on in the world, in the war, in our country. Do they understand Uncle Tom from Iran is shouting "death to America", while stockpiling his nukes. Do they get that if we pull out of Iraq now, Iran will take over. For a full understanding of what that means, Google Eisenhower's Domino Theory, and you'll get the idea. Except now, the dominoes consist of a bunch of radical nutjobs who are praying for Armageddon.

Where is "Jack Bauer" when you really need him? He knows how to deal with traitors!

*Jack Bauer is portrayed by the gifted and talented Kiefer Sutherland on the smash hit "24" on Fox

Here is a picture of a real celebrity:

Please visit the following websites to see what this generous man is doing for his country and the US troops.
If only everyone in Hollywood would follow Mr. Sinise's example of what a man is supposed to be.

Actor Gary Sinise Tackles Media on Iraq

Sinise Supports Disabled Veterans' Memorial

Operation Iraqi Children

Lt Dan's Band

Traitors in Journalism

And now there is William Arkin, a man who supports our enemies in the war in Iraq. He said in an article:

"I've been mulling over an NBC Nightly News report from Iraq.in which a number of soldiers expressed frustration that with opposition to war in the United States.Through every Abu Ghraib and Haditha, through every rape and murder, the American public has indulged those in uniform, accepting that the incidents were the product of bad apples or even of some administration or command order. So we pay the soldiers a decent wage, take care of their families, provide them with housing and medical care and vast social support systems and ship obscene amenities into the war zone for them.and their attitude is that we should in addition roll over and play dead, defer to the military and the generals and let them fight their war. [This] NBC report is just an ugly reminder of the price we pay for mercenary oops, sorry, volunteer force."-

He's having his 15 minutes of fame now because everyone is talking about what he said regarding our troops. I only have a little to say about it because I am too busy figuring out what 'obscene amenities' I can send to our troops in harms way.

What is wrong with people? Arkin might as well go to Iraq and join the insurgents. I'd personally like to see him with a ton of dynamite strapped to his chest, shouting "Death to America!" In reality, that's what all of these traitors are doing, hiding behind their, a-hem, 'celebrity' or journalistic' status.

Arkin, Sarandon, Penn, Robbins, and Hanoi Jane are despicable Anti-American traitors and should be dealt with the way we used to deal with traitors. Anyone who calls himself an American should condemn what they stand for and everything that comes out of their mouths. Disgusting!!!

Celebrity Anti-War Protesters Traitors!

Thanks to: Doc's Patriotic Graphics for this one. I love it!

"In the most critical periods of our nation's history, there have always been those fringes of our society who have sought to escape their own responsibility by finding a simple solution, an appealing slogan, or a convenient scapegoat." - John F. Kennedy

Introducing Fidel Castro's #+2 Fan:
(Update: Now Sean's hitched his wagon to the plight of President Tom in Iran as well. Way to go, Sean!
Ever stop to wonder why your movie, King's Men, only stayed in the theatre for about 12 hours before it was yanked?-

courtesy of Cnn.com-

Kennedy said it well, but I say it simply: Hey, Sean!:

Don't Shit Where You Eat!

7/10/06 Celebrity Anti-War Traitor Phenomenon!

I realized something while watching the movie Path to War again last night.

There is a phenomenon going on in Hollywood with the Celebrity Anti-War Protesters Traitors. The people who starred in movies about wars, have all lost their minds. They think they were actually in the war that was being played out in a movie they starred in. Consider this:

Alec Baldwin, who has a secret desire and fantasizes about killing the Vice President of the United States, played Bob McNamara, the Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War. He played McNamara as a man ridden with guilt for talking Johnson into sending more and more troops into Vietnam as the years progressed. Johnson finally got rid of McNamara when he testified that he felt differently about the President sending the troops to Vietnam, even though he was all for it in the beginning and advised him to do so. Then he played a military man in Pearl Harbor who led the troops that dropped bombs on Japan in WWII.

See a pattern? I think he went goofy believing that he really was in the war. I think he is unable to separate fact from fiction.

Now think about Martin Sheen, the guy who paraded past the White House, with a bucket on his head or something, protesting the 50th anniversary of dropping the bomb on Hiroshima. I don't know what he thought he was accomplishing since it happened 50 years before, hence the anniversary, but I think he had flashbacks of Apocalypse Now. I know he suffered a heart attack during the filming of that movie, but maybe he also suffered some kind of breakdown and believed he was a Vietnam Vet.

And let's not forget his son, although with Charlie, drugs and the effects on his brain could be a factor. Charlie thought he really was in a "Platoon". Now he thinks our government slaughtered its own people on September 11th, and then accused Bush of blaming it on psychopathic suicide wackos from Afghanistan!

There is Mike Farrell as well. He not only protests wars, he campaigns for twice-convicted cop killers. I think all those years on MASH, protesting the war as B J Hunneycutt, drove him insane. He thinks America is still at war with Korea, and he believes he's still fighting that war.

I can't explain Ann Garfola, whoever she is, because I don't know a single movie she's been in, and I can't explain Susan Sarandon or Tim Robbins. Tim went to Mars and to prison and was a nut in Jacobs Ladder years ago, maybe that sprung a brain cell or two loose, but Sarandon, I can't explain. She's probably just along for the ride with her husband, Tim.

I think casting directors should screen their actors better when filming a war movie. We have a bunch of looneys in Hollywood running around thinking they're war veterans and now feel it's their duty to protest the war.

By the way, I have the Pearl Harbor videotape that I will give away to anyone who wants it. With Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck (remember him, was dating J-lo for a while?) starring in it, and seeing as how they're both anti-war protesters and extremely vocal about 9/11, I'll never watch that again.

I feel sorry for these people. They have some kind of mental disorder that is going undiagnosed. Until now.

Not long ago, celebrities were waving the American Flag and supporting our troops in Afghanistan. Suddenly, so-called celebrities have united in a cause that is a slap in the face to the men and women serving our country and insuring our freedom. The outspoken celebrities are also sending a message to Saddam Hussein letting him know that there are Americans who feel he is right in what he is doing in Iraq. They are showing the world that some Americans are not supporting their leader. These celebrities are biting the hand that feeds them. Where else but in the greatest and richest country in the world, the United States, could one man make 20 million dollars for making one film? Is there another country in the world that would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to one entertainer for one week's worth of work on a television drama or sitcom? Would these anti-war celebrity protesters make that kind of money in Iraq? Maybe they should move to Iraq and find out.

Celebrities are entitled to their opinions, as all Americans are, thanks to the men and women in the military who fight for that freedom. I, for one, will not watch anything these celebrities ever appear in again. That is my way of telling them they are wrong in what they are doing. They have the right to feel the way they do, but they are using their celebrity status to let everyone know how they feel. If I wanted to voice my opinion, my support for the troops and my agreement with President Bush on what to do about Hussein, talk shows and news programs would not suddenly send me an invitation to appear on their show. I am not famous, I am not a celebrity, and I do not make 20 million dollars per film, so they don't care what I think. Guess what? I don't care what they think and I wish I didn't have to hear about it.

I am particularly upset with Martin Sheen. He used to be one of my favorite television stars. However, his recent appearances on any talk show or news program that will have him, makes me wonder about the time and energy he is putting into his cause. Was it his son, Charlie, who was in a rehab recently for drug and/or alcohol abuse? Am I mistaken? There was also something about sexual dysfunctions with Mr. Sheen's son. If Martin Sheen spent as much time at home raising Charlie as he does protesting what America and its leaders are doing, maybe Charlie would not have had to spend time in a rehab. Parental involvement is so important to the upbringing of children.

Then there is Mike Farrell. You know, the person who played 'second fiddle' to the main star of the hit show, M*A*S*H*, Alan Alda. This is not the first time Mr. Farrell has opened his mouth about certain issues. A while back, he was in support of a twice, not once, but twice convicted cop killer from Philadelphia. I do not believe I ever read that Mr. Farrell was an eyewitness to the crime, and I do not think he knew the convict personally. He was just shooting off at the mouth that he thought the man was innocent.

Next, there is a woman named Ann Garafola. (I am not sure of the spelling of her last name) In fact, I am not even sure who she is. I have never heard of her and I have asked quite a few others about her. I asked about what she may have starred in, but no one could tell me who she is. Anyway, she is appearing on even more shows than Martin Sheen is, shooting off at the mouth about President Bush and about how she does not think our leader should make Saddam Hussein disarm all of his nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. Nonetheless, she is an 'entertainer' so we should believe that what she says is right, right? Wrong! She should try spending more time looking for a job and getting on a TV show or in a movie. Then I would at least be able to say I knew her from somewhere.

Jessica Lange said that she was embarrassed to be an American. Not embarrassed enough, however, to take money from those people who went to the movies to see her in whatever she was in besides Tootsie. Off the top of my head, I cannot name another film of hers. In addition, someone called Dixie Chick said something in defense of Saddam Hussein. What is a Dixie Chick, anyway? Sounds like a pet my parents used to buy for me at Easter time when I was a kid.

My disgust for anti-war protesters goes back to the sixties. Here were grown men and women spending day after day carrying signs and shouting obscenities at the President, while kids I graduated high school with were over in Vietnam fighting for the sign-carrying clowns. I think maybe the draft dodgers from the sixties had babies and these babies have carried on the family tradition of carrying signs and protesting. Guess it is like going to work in the family business for them.

My dislike for war protesters is not limited to celebrities. I hate to see American citizens protesting against the military because they are defending these protesters' rights to shoot off their big mouths in the first place.

The only people who should be voicing their opinions about going to war and broadcasting those opinions on national television are the individuals who are going to fight in that war. The men and women who will be away from their loved ones, living under the most horrendous conditions we cannot even imagine, preserving the blanket of freedom we all sleep under, should be the only ones we see and hear on TV talking about the prospect of war. The news programs and talk shows are not interviewing military personnel about their opinions on President Bush and Saddam Hussein. Maybe it is because they are not celebrities. They do not make the kind of money these jackasses in the entertainment industry make. I guess they think because they make more money than the rest of us that their opinions are more important.

I have an idea for these protesters on how better to spend their time fighting for their cause. I hear Saddam Hussein likes to use 'human shields' to protect his interests. Perhaps by volunteering to be human shields, these celebrities could really prove they mean what they say, really get behind their cause and make a difference. It would make a huge difference to me. I would much rather see these celebrities holding up signs that read "Human Shield" than "I Am a Celebrity War Protester".

Now that would be entertaining!

"Hey, Chirac, when asked why he chose to join the US in the disarmament of Iraq, Prime Minister Tony Blair said:

"...because it was the right thing to do."
Press Conference, September 3, 2002

There is something we can do to let those protesters know of the good that our soldiers are doing over in Iraq, something you will never see in the news coverage of the war on terrorism. Please visit the following website to find out what our military is doing for the good of the people of Iraq:

Operation Iraqi Children

There is an organization calling themselves Move On. They have a petition letter going out to President Bush entitled Artists Say Win Without War. Below is a list of names attached to the petition. The comments after the names are mine.
Mike Farrell, Co-Chair - PLAYED 2ND FIDDLE TO STAR OF M*A*S*H*, 
DEFENDER OF TWICE CONVICTED COP KILLER Robert Greenwald, Co-Chair - ??? Edward Asner - WHAT'S HE DONE SINCE MARY TYLER MOORE? Rene Auberjonois - STAR TREK SHAPESHIFTER David Bale - ??? Kim Basinger - NAME SOMETHING SHE'S BEEN IN, I CAN'T Ed Begley, Jr. - ST. ELSEWHERE, CENTURIES AGO Theo Bikel -??? Barbara Bosson -??? Jackson Browne -DOCTOR, MY CAREER, WHERE IS IT? Peter Buck (REM) -??? Diahann Carroll JULIA 1960? Eugene J. Carroll, Jr., -??? Rear Adm. U.S. Navy (Ret.) -??? ARTIST, WHAT? Kathleen Chalfant -??? Don Cheadle BIT PART IN ER Jill Clayburgh - JILL WHO? David Clennon -??? Jack Coleman -??? Peter Coyote - SAW NAME AS NARRATOR ONCE ON HISTORY CHANNEL Lindsay Crouse -??? Suzanne Cryer -??? Matt Damon BEST FRIEND OF BEN (REHAB) AFFLECK -??? Dana Daurey -??? Ambassador Jonathan Dean -??? (U.S. Rep. to NATO Warsaw Pact) Vincent D'Onofrio -??? Olympia Dukakis - SISTER IN LAW TO LADY WHO DRANK RUBBING ALCOHOL Charles S. Dutton - WHAT WAS HE IN JAIL FOR AGAIN? Hector Elizondo - CHICAGO HOPE A WHILE BACK Cary Elwes -??? Shelley Fabares - ISN'T SHE ABOUT 100 YEARS OLD NOW? Mia Farrow - WOODY ALLEN AND HER DAUGHTER - ANY QUESTIONS? Laurence Fishburne - MATRIX WITH STAR KEANU REEVES Sean Patrick Flanery - -??? Bonnie Franklin - SHOW AGES AGO WITH 2 DAUGHTERS? John Fugelsang -??? Jeananne Garafalo - DOUBLE ??? Larry Gelbart -WROTE SOMETHING? Melissa Gilbert -HALF-WIT OR PINT OR SOMETHING Danny Glover -NOT WORKING SINCE MEL GIBSON STOPPED LETHAL WEAPON MOVIES Elliott Gould - PLAYED SECOND FIDDLE TO M*A*S*H* MOVIE STAR DONALD SUTHERLAND Samaria Graham-??? Robert Greenwald-??? Robert Guillaume - BUTLER FROM SOAP? Paul Haggis-??? Robert David Hall-??? Ethan Hawke - NOT SURE Ken Howard - WHITE NIGHTS? Helen Hunt - ONE OSCAR NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN Anjelica Huston DAUGHTER TO JOHN LaTanya Richardson Jackson-??? Samuel L. Jackson - MOVIE WITH MATTHEW MCCONAGHEY Jane Kaczmarek - STUPID SITCOM WITH 20-SOME YEAR OLD PLAYING 12 YEAR OLD SON Melina Kanakaredes-??? Casey Kasem - REPLACED BY RYAN SEACREST Mimi Kennedy-??? IS SHE RELATED TO TED (CHAPPEQUIDDICK) KENNEDY? Jessica Lange -TOOTSIE? Wendie Malick-??? Camryn Manheim-??? Marsha Mason - WAS MARRIED TO NEIL SIMON? DIVORCED, NO MORE ACTING JOBS NOW Richard Masur - TV MOVIES AGES AGO Dave Matthews -SINGER? Kent McCord - ISN'T HE 110 BY NOW? Robert Duncan McNeill -ANOTHER STAR TREK CASUALTY Mike Mills (REM)-??? Janel Moloney-??? Esai Morales - LEFT NYPD FOR ??? Ed O''Neill -MARRIED WITH CHILDREN> Chris Noth-??? Peter Onorati-??? Alexandra Paul-??? Ambassador Edward Peck-??? (former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq)ARTIST, WHAT? Seth Peterson - ??? CCH Pounder -PLAYED IN MILLENIUM A FEW TIMES? David Rabe-??? Alan Rachins NOT SURE, IS HE THE ONE ON WEST WING or LA LAW? Bonnie Raitt - SINGER? Carl Reiner - MEATHEAD...YEAH THAT'S RIGHT Tim Robbins- SUSAN SARANDON'S HUSBAND-??? Steve Robinson, Sgt., U.S. Army (Ret.)-??? ARTIST? WHAT? Mitch Ryan-??? Susan Sarandon - IN MOVIE WITH TOMMY LEE JONES Tony Shalhoub - MONK - COME ON!! Jack Shanahan,-??? Vice Adm. U.S. Navy (Ret.)-??? ARTIST, WHAT? William Schallert - WASN'T HE PATTY DUKE'S FATHER? HOW IS HE STILL AROUND? Martin (TOO BUSY PROTESTING TO SEE SON IS ON DRUGS)Sheen
I THINK HE WORE A BUCKET ON HIS HEAD TO PROTEST BOMBING OF HIROSHIMA, WHILE CHARLIE WAS IN REHAB. Armin Shimerman - STAR TREK (WITHOUT MAKEUP) Gloria Steinem - WROTE SOMETHING, STARTED SOME TROUBLE? Marcia Strassman - ??? Michael Stipe (REM) - ??? Susan Sullivan -FALCON CREST? Loretta Swit - 8TH FIDDLE TO STAR OF M*A*S*H*, ALAN ALDA Studs Terkel- ??? Lily Tomlin - ONE RINGY, DINGY. DINGY Blair Underwood - LA LAW? Dennis Weaver - MCLOUD? HE MUST BE ANCIENT! Bradley Whitford - ??? James Whitmore - OLD TIME ACTOR James Whitmore, Jr. - OLD TIME ACTOR'S SON? Alfre Woodard - ??? Noah Wyle - ER, AND NOTHING ELSE Peter Yarrow- ??? Howard Zinn- ???-

Love It or Get Out!

I believe JFK's statement regarding "those fringes of our society" holds true for the anti-war protesters whose names are on that petition. Does GI Jane bring back any memories?

The only ones who have the right to say ANYTHING about the war are the ones fighting for freedom. To those of us who support our US troops, all the rest is just background noise.

Although he wasn't one of my favorite presidents, Richard Nixon once said, "only Americans can humiliate and destroy America". That's what these anti-war celebrities are trying to do. But they will not suceed as long as there are those of us out there who agree that we live in the greatest country in the world and that we are proud to be Americans, and that we support our President and our US Troops 100%!

Therefore, I want to start an organization called "GetOut.org" This would be my mission statement:

The people claiming to be 'celebrities' who speak out against our president and the US troops should SHUT UP OR GET OUT! They can go to Afghanistan or Iraq for fight for the other side, we don't really care as long as they leave America! Most people won't even know they're gone, or realize that they'd ever been here.

Mystic River or More Vile Rhetoric?

Because both Sean Penn and Tim Robbins won Oscars for their performances in the movie, Mystic River, I thought it must be a very good film. But after watching it, I thought, "eh, it was okay." So, I guess the Academy gave them the Oscars this year because they wanted to hear some controversial blathering from the two loud-mouth anti-war protesters. They didn't win because of their performances. I personally think Cuba Gooding, Jr. should have gotten an Oscar for "Radio". But the Academy couldn't give it to another black actor, heavens no, they did that in this century already, right?

Attention all Anti-war Protesters!

Here's another quote from John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

"Let every nation know....whether it wishes us well or ill....
that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship,
support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of LIBERTY"

January 20, 1961

Voting for Change or Trying to Jumpstart a Long-Dead Career?

There is to a concert coming up entitled The Vote for Change Tour, featuring Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp, and a bunch of other either has-beens or never-was type singers. I think it's a concert to try and overthrow the government. Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp are about my age, or a little older. They would have been the right age for the Vietnam Conflict. Why weren't they there? Oh, wait, I forgot, they probably went to Canada. However, since the big bucks for recording artists can only be made in America, they came back.-

Celebrities That Really Are Celebrities

According to Roget's Thesarus, a celebrity is one who receives wide recognition for one's deeds. Another word used to describe a celebrity is 'hero'. To me the following 'celebrities' ARE 'celebrities, and deserve recognition:

Gary Sinise

Steven Speilberg

Bruce Willis

Ellen DeGeneres

Gary Sinise has help launch a program entitled:

Here is a quote from Bruce's website:

"I will never give in to any pressure brought by the Liberal Media, and will continue to support the young men and women who serve our country without complaint, until they are are safely home, their mission complete, and we can all live in a world devoid of Terrorism." - Bruce Willis

Visit Bruce Willis.com

Here's something else by Bruce Willis, great stuff:

Bruce Willis Slams Media For Poor News Coverage

On Wednesday, November 24, Ellen devoted her show to our American soldiers. Visit her show's website:

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

These phenomenal 'celebrities' are using their time, energy, money, and status to promote something good for our country, for our veterans, and for the US troops now at war. All so-called 'celebrities' who choose to use their 'fame' to blast this country's president and the US troops should be ashamed of themselves.

Then there are those who are not celebritites, but they are people who love their country and support the troops. The following website is filled with information and lots of photos and links to websites belonging to other proud Americans.

Americans Working Together

Bon riddance, Anti Protestataires De Guerre! (Good riddance, Anti-War Protesters)

Hey, I heard that a group of Americans are planning to emigrate to Canada and give up their American citizenship. Please let them be the celebrities listed above. I also hope that group includes the rest of the anti-war protester sickies in this country. It really is a sickness they have. Anything to try and be seen and heard. They want to overthrow their own government. If they are so unhappy here as their protests and campaigns and signs say they are, why haven't they left already? Why do they want national attention? I'll tell you why. They need therapy, that's why. Maybe they can get some in Canada! But, let the celebrities not forgot that the money they make here in the good ol' US of A, cannot be made in any other country! Talk about biting the hand that feeds them! Good riddance, that's what I say! Bye, bye!

Click on the mugshot to read what an anti-war protester did back when she was a 'celebrity'.

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