Using social networking for animal rescue and adoption


For animal lovers who spend a portion of their time on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, it is easy to spread the word about animals in need of rescue.

Here are a few ways you can share your concern for animals in shelters:

  • Visit animal rescue sites and animal shelters daily. Share a profile of one of the animals available for adoption.
  • Search for friends on Facebook and Twitter who share your love of animals. Post links to animal shelters.
  • Start a group on Facebook for animal advocates. Encourage other members to submit photos of animals up for adoption in their area.
  • Visit the websites of overcrowded animal shelters and post links to pages of animals whose time is running out. Ask friends to talk to their friends about fostering or adopting an animal in need.
  • Call your local animal shelter. Find out what they need for their animals, and offer to help them by spreading the word to all the social networks you belong to and leave your contact information for them to keep you updated.

Become a fan of the ASPCA and other animal pages on Facebook and Twitter. Re-post and share the information you read on these pages.

Another way to help animals in shelters is to browse the missing pet websites to find owners who lost a dog or cat recently that may have found its way to a shelter. There is a missing pet's network for each state. Every so often, pets reunite with their owners by matching the description of a missing pet, with a pet listed on the animal shelter website. Pay close attention to the animals the shelters list as strays.

On the site, there are ads placed by people who found animals, as well as ads for missing pets. Use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about animals listed in the city and state where you and your friends live.

Two sites that allow you to make pages for dogs and cats, and, are valuable resources as well. These websites act as social networking for dogs and cats. There is an option on the page to let members know that the animal needs adopting. You can list all of the animal's information, so contact the shelter to find out all you can about the animal's personality. Also, find out if the animal has special needs or other issues prospective owners need to know.

The Dogster and Catster websites are similar to Facebook and Twitter in that you can visit members' pages and make friend requests. This drives more traffic to your page set up for an animal in need. Finally, if you have a specific talent, such as photography, writing, blogging, etc., you can use these skills by donating your time to your local animal shelter. Ask about writing stories and taking pictures of the animals. You can share your stories and pictures, adding the personal touch of actually being there and interacting with these animals, with members on all your social networking sites.

You can post almost anything that you do to help animals on the pages of social networking sites. There is a ton of information on the internet about animals, especially for people considering adopting one. If you are a pet owner, share some of your personal experiences as well with your social networking friends. Something you post may make the difference for someone who is unsure about giving an animal a loving home.

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