Al Sharpton and the Socialist Alternatives about 8/28 rally:

8/28 Stolen Legacy - The Tea Party's March on Washington

On their website they ask:

The Response: How Do We Fight Back?

Here's how they will respond, or so they claim:

August 28, 2010 should be the beginning of a movement for Struggle, Solidarity and Democratic Socialism.

These people are scary but we're not afraid.

Because after all, the Restoring Honor Rally is about honoring our troops, and restoring honor to the country, the honor which exists now only WITHIN our troops. Veterans and their families will be there with us! What, us afraid...with that kind of back-up? Not so much!

Listen to the hatred and bigotry spewing from someone claiming to be a man of the cloth. Way to go Al!

Then there are these lovely 'peaceful' protesters who hung out with Al on 8/28:


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