NASA's 6th Group of Astronauts

US Astronauts met the goals NASA set forth for the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Programs.

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These accomplished goals led the way for US astronauts to venture into space with Skylab, the Apollo Soyuz Test Project, and the Space Shuttle.


The Scientist Astronauts

NASA chose eleven men for its 6th group of astronauts on August 11, 1967: Joseph P. Allen, Philip K. Chapman, Anthony W. England, Karl G. Henize, Donald L. Holmquest, William B. Lenoir, John A. Llewellyn, Story Musgrave, Brian T. O'Leary, Robert A. R. Parker, William E.Thornton

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Joseph P. Allen Philip K. Chapman Anthony W. England

Karl G. Henize Donald L. Holmquest William B. Lenoir

John A. Llewellyn Story Musgrave Brian T. O'Leary

Robert A. R. Parker William E.Thornton


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