NASA's 5th Group of Astronauts

Around the world and beyond


US Astronauts met the goals NASA set forth for the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Programs.

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These accomplished goals led the way for US astronauts to venture into space with Skylab, the Apollo Soyuz Test Project, and the Space Shuttle.


Five Men, Two Nations, One Crew: The joint U.S.-USSR crew for the Apollo Soyuz Test Project

Astronaut Thomas P. Stafford (standing on left), commander of the American crew Cosmonaut Aleksey A. Leonov (standing on right), commander of the Soviet crew Astronaut Donald K. Slayton (seated on left), docking module pilot of the American crew Astronaut Vance D. Brand (seated in center), command module pilot of the American crew Cosmonaut Valeriy N. Kubasov (seated on right), engineer on the Soviet crew

Credit: NASA

The Skylab space station as seen by the departing Skylab 2 crew

STS-1 Columbia April 12, 1981

The Pilot Astronauts

NASA selected 19 men, the largest group of astronauts thus far, to begin the next phase of manned space travel, in April of 1966:

Vance D. Brand, John S. Bull, Gerald P. Carr, Charles Moss Duke, Jr., Joe H. Engle, Ronald E. Evans, Edward G. Givens, Fred W. Haise, James Irwin, Don L. Lind, Jack R. Lousma, Thomas K. Mattingly II, Bruce McCandless II, Edgar D. Mitchell, William R. Pogue, Stuart A. Roosa, John L. 'Jack' Swigert JR., Paul J. Weitz, Alfred M. Worden

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Vance D. Brand   John S. Bull   Gerald P. Carr   Charles Moss Duke, Jr.

Joe H. EngleRonald E. EvansEdward G. GivensFred W. Haise

James IrwinDon L. Lind Jack R. LousmaThomas K. Mattingly II

Bruce McCandless IIEdgar D. MitchellWilliam R. PogueStuart A. Roosa

Jack SwigertPaul J. WeitzAlfred M. Worden

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